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This international conference will focus on recent developments in the frontier areas of Solid Waste Management & resource recovery and will bring together scientists, engineers and other experts across the world to deliberate on global developments in the fields of Recycling, Biofuels and Bio-products, Biotechnology for waste conversion, Nanotechnology applications, Novel product developments, Industrial bioengineering, Greenhouse gases generation and mitigation, Biophysical technologies etc. It is planned as a major event to be held at HUNAU, Changsha, China during October16-18, 2022 with the participation of a large number of active researchers from all over the world. The conference is envisaged to provide a unique platform to the participants from industries and academic institutions to share their thoughts and views to develop possible linkages among them. It will also serve the purpose of global networking among them and help in creating a nucleus of interface research.

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Hunan Agricultural University
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International Bioprocessing Association
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