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The 3rd Global Congress on Chemistry and Catalysis (GCC-2022)  invites all the participants from all over the world to attend the conference which is to be held  during  February 21-22,  2022 which includes prompt Plenary, keynote presentations, Oral talks, Poster presentations and Exhibitions.

The conference provides the research works of  Chemistry and Catalysis expertise from various scientific backgrounds and the same can be perceived by young researchers and students. The meeting provides excellent opportunities for sharing your passion for chemistry, connecting with the world’s largest scientific society, and advancing your career in this ever-changing global economy

Call for paper

Important date

Abstract submission deadline

Submission Topics

Chemistry and types of Chemistry
Green and Sustainable Chemistry
Organic and Inorganic Chemistry
Reaction Chemistry and Engineering
Biopolymer and Polymer chemistry
Nutritional and Food Chemistry
Medicinal and Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Electro-Chemistry and Electro-Analytical Chemistry
Analytical Methodologies
Separation Processes in Chemical Technology
Quantum Chemistry and Faraday Discussions
Synthetic Chemistry Techniques
Nano-Science and Nano-Technology
Material Science and Engineering
Catalysis and Zeolites
Types of Catalysis and Applications
Catalysis for Energy
Photochemistry, Photobiology and Electrochemistry
Biocatalysis and Biotransformation
Catalysis for renewable sources
Catalysis in Nanotechnology
Enzymes, Coenzymes and Metabolic Pathways
Catalytic Materials
Environmental Catalysis
Petrochemical Engineering
Chemical Engineering

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Important Date
  • Conference Date

    Nov 21



    Nov 22


  • Sep 15 2022

    Abstract Submission Deadline

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