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Keywords:SAW filters,BAW filters,RF-MEMS,
Scope:Modelling, Simulation, Demonstration, Measurement Techniques, Material Development of Systems, Devices, Components for Microwave Surface Acoustic Wave Microwave Bulk Acoustic Wave RF-MEMS
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2022-04-18 00:00:00
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Submission Topics

Perspective authors are cordially invited to submit papers in all areas of Microwave Acoustics and RF MEMS including but not limited to:

  • Acoustic/MEMS Device Applications
  • Acoustic/MEMS Device Design
  • Acoustic/MEMS Device Modeling
  • Materials & Propagation
  • Advances in Filter and Multiplexer Technology
  • SAW and BAW Sensor Devices and Applications
  • Multi-Band RF Modules for Multi-Standard/-Mode Systems
  • Fusion of Major Transmit and Receive Functionality in Single Modules
  • Tunable & Reconfigurable Devices, like Bulk and Thin-film Components and Devices, e.g., based on Ferroelectrics, Phase-Change Materials
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