The conference seeks submission from Industry, Government and Academia showcasing Offbeat Interdisciplinary Research Papers on practical as well as theoretical aspects of Computing, Electrical and Communication Engineering. Interdisciplinary papers which focus on Functional aspects of Computing, Implementation of Electronics Technology and Employing Communication Engineering are encouraged. Advanced prototypes, tools and techniques, innovative ideas to be used in future are also encouraged.

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Chief Patron:

Gautam Roy Chowdhury, Chancellor Techno India University, West Bengal

Honorary Chairs:

1. Prof. Sanghamitra Bandyopadhyay (IEEE Fellow), Director, Indian Statistical Institute, kolkata

2. Prof. Bidyut B. Chaudhuri (IEEE Fellow), Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata,
Pro Vice Chancellor, Techno India University, West Bengal, India

3. Prof. Ajay Chakraborty, Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur,
Dean of Research, Techno India University, West Bengal, India

General Chairs:

1. Prof. Sambhunath Biswas, Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata

2. Prof. Anjan Sarkar, Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur

Program Chairs:

1. Dr. Supratim Biswas, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay

2. Dr. S.P Ghoshal, National Insitute of Technology Durgapur (Ex), Techno India University, West Bengal

3. Dr. Sarit K. Das, Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur (Ex), Professor, Techno Main Saltlake

Organizing Chairs:

1. Prof. Sanghamitra Mukherjee, Techno India University, West Bengal

2. Prof. D.P. Chakraborty, Techno India University, West Bengal

3. Dr. Pradipta Basu Mondal, Techno India University, West Bengal

Conference Chairs:

1. Prof. A. Sarkar, Techno India University, West Bengal

2. Prof. Ashok Kr. Paul, Techno India University, West Bengal

Call for paper

Important date

Draft paper submission deadline
Draft paper acceptance notification

Submission Topics

Control System 
Service Infrastructure&OtherAllied Fields 
Power Systems 
Bio-Medical Engineering 
Biomedical Instrumentation 
Data Science 
Emerging Technologyand Applications 
Bio Technology 
Communication System 
Machine Learning 
VLSI& Embedded Systems 
lmage Processing 
Industrial Electronics 
Computer Vision 
VR,AR &MR Technology
RF &Microwave Engineering 
Cyber or Internet Security 
Signal Processing 
Medical lmaging 
Cloud Computing 
Big Data 
Network Security 
Soft Computing 
Pattern Recognition 
Natural Language Processing 
Database and Data Management 
Web Technology 
Mobile Computing 
Intelligent Computing 
Mobile/Ubiquitous/Pervasive Multimedia 
Mobile System Design 
Green Data Center Solutions 
Mobile Network 
Other Allied Fields

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Important Date
  • Conference Date

    Jan 20



    Jan 21


  • Nov 10 2022

    Draft paper submission deadline

  • Dec 20 2022

    Draft Paper Acceptance Notification

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Computer Society of India
IEEE Kolkata Section
Techno India University
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