The 10th Asia-Pacific Conference on Antennas and Propagation (APCAP 2022) will be held again in Xiamen, China, on September 26-29, 2022. APCAP2022 is organized by Xiamen Institute of Electronics (XMIE) and Antenna Society of Chinese Institute of Electronics (CIE), co-organized by South China University of Technology, Xiamen University, Southeast University, Fuzhou University, and Jimei University.

The Asia-Pacific Conference on Antennas and Propagation (APCAP) provides an international forum to report the latest progress in the research and development of innovative antenna technology and radio wave propagation.

The APCAP was successfully inaugurated in Singapore in 2012 and subsequently held in Chiangmai in 2013, Harbin in 2014, Bali in 2015, Kaohsiung in 2016, Xi'an in 2017, Auckland in 2018, Inchon in 2019, and Xiamen (on-line) in 2020. The APCAP 2022 is planned to be in-person and will offer a rich, high-quality scientific program with keynote and invited speakers from all over the world. It will be a platform for not only exchanges of innovative ideas but also opportunities for collaboration among people from academia, industry, and governments.

The conference will cover a wide range of topics related to antenna technology, propagation, and electromagnetic theory. Prospective authors are invited to submit original contributions to the paper submission site at Proposals for special sessions, workshops, and short courses are also invited and welcome.

Accepted papers will be submitted for inclusion into IEEE Xplore subject to meeting IEEE Xplore’s scope and quality requirements.


APCAP Co-Chairs
Quan Xue, SCUT
Donghui Guo, Xiamen University
Wei Hong, Southeast University
Zhi Ning Chen, NUS
Zhizhang David Chen,
Fuzhou/Dalhousie University

Int. Advisory Committee
Zhenghe Feng, Tsinghua University
Shuxi Gong, Xidian University
Xianliang Wu, Anhui University
Qing Huo Liu, Duke University
Qing-Xin Chu, SCUT
Cunxiang Wang, Ant. Soci. CIE
Wenquan Che, SCUT

TPC Co-Chairs
Xiuyin Zhang, SCUT
Yuehe Ge, Fuzhou University
Ying Liu, Xidian University
Fan Yang, Tsinghua University
Guo Qing Luo, HDU
Yu-Jian Cheng, UESTC
Zhi Hao Jiang, Southeast University
Changzhan Gu, SJTU
Miao Zhang, Xiamen University

Publication Co-Chairs
Fan Wu, Southeast University
Yao Zhang, Xiamen University

Publicity Co-Chairs
Chun-Xu Mao, University of Surrey
Baiqiang You, Xiamen University

Finance Co-Chairs
Xiaowei Zhu, Southeast University
Shan He, XMIE

Exhibition Comm. Co-Chairs
Yimin Xu, Shanghai Viewtran
Jianyang Zhou, Xiamen University

Local Comm. Co-Chairs
Jiyang Dong, Xiamen University
Junhui Ou, SCUT
Qiubo Ye, Jimei University

Yao Lu, Maitekang

Chao Guo, Maitekang

Call for paper

Important date

Draft paper acceptance notification
Final paper submission deadline

Submission Topics

Analysis, design, and development of various antennas
Design of wide-band antennas and small antennas
Empirical, theoretical, and computational
models of antennas and arrays
Material properties and their applications in antennas
Reconfigurable and tunable antennas, optical and nano-antennas
Antenna arrays and MIMO systems
Signal processing for antennas
Phase-arrays and digital-arrays for 5G/6G
Antenna-in-package and antenna-on-chip
AI-assisted antenna designs and testing

Electromagnetic Wave Propagation
Theoretical and computational methods of predicting wave propagation and sensing
Characterization of propagation channels
Applications in wireless communications, radar, imaging, sensing, and robots
Multiple antenna s y s tems for spatial, polarization, pattern, and other diversity applications


Measurement, specification, and standards of electrical quantities
Measuremnt tech niques for an ten nas , electromagnetic radiation, propagation, and scattering
Display and visualization of electromagnetic fields and currents
Near-field and compact-range measurements and novel measurement techniques
Design of microwave absorbers and material characterization

Fundamental and advanced theory, analytical and numerical solutions
Radiation, scattering, radar cross-section, propagation, and interaction with all media
Inverse scattering, target identification, positioning, and localization
Novel electromagnetic and artificial materials
Computational electromagnetics, fast algorithms, and CAD packages Microwaves, Millimeter Waves, and THz
Solid-state circuits, low-noise circuits, and high- power circuits, monolithic integrated circuits, passive circuits, packaging, interconnects, MCMs, and MEMS
Ferrite and SAW components, superconductin

components & technology
Microwave-Optical design, high-speed digital circuits, signal integrity (SI), sub-millimeter wave techniques
THz technology, measurement, and imaging

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    Sep 26



    Sep 29


  • Jul 01 2022

    Draft Paper Acceptance Notification

  • Jul 15 2022

    Final Paper Deadline

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