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Hosted by Chinese Mathematical Society (CMS), organized by East China Normal University (ECNU), the 14th International Congress on Mathematical Education will be held in Shanghai, China from July 12th to 19th, 2020.

China is an ancient country with a 5 000-year history of civilization and a brilliant history of mathematics and mathematics education. In recent 100 years, the introduction of western mathematics and mathematics education and their integration with traditional Chinese culture and education have fostered new achievements in mathematics education of modern China. Shanghai, a famous metropolis in the Far East, is an engine for the economic and social development of China and a window of China’s opening-up policy. In addition, it is also the cradle of modern Chinese mathematics and mathematics education and the birthplace of the Chinese Mathematical Society. East China Normal University is one of the top universities in China and takes the lead in the development of teacher education in China. The mathematics education team of ECNU has a great influence both at home and abroad. Taking consideration of all these facts, the ICME-14 hosted in Shanghai will be a grand academic congress and a great surprise for the colleagues around the world.


International Program Committee(IPC) for ICME-14


  ● Jianpan WANG (ICME-14 Congress Chair, China)


  ● Jill ADLER (ex-officio member, ICMI Ex-president, South Africa)

  ● Abraham ARCAVI (ex-officio member, ICMI Ex-secretary General, Israel)

  ● Jiansheng BAO (ICME-14 LOC Co-chair, China)

  ● Daniel CHAZAN (USA)

  ● Faïza CHELLOUGUI (Tunisia)

  ● Marta CIVIL (USA)

  ● Alicia DICKENSTEIN (Former Vice-President of IMU, Argentina)

  ● Jean-Luc DORIER (ex-officio member, ICMI Secretary General, Switzeland)

  ● Yufeng GUO (China)

  ● Anjum HALAI (Pakistan)

  ● Gabriele KAISER (ICME-13 IPC Chair, Germany)

  ● Caroline LAJOIE (Canada)

  ● Frederick K. S. LEUNG (ex-officio member, ICMI President, Hong Kong SAR, China)

  ● Celi Espasandin LOPES (Brazil)

  ● Thomas LOWRIE (Australia)

  ● Maria Alessandra MARIOTTI (Italy)

  ● Takeshi MIYAKAWA (Japan)

  ● Frode RØNNING (Norway)

  ● Ewa SWOBODA (Poland)

  ● Luc TROUCHE (France)

  ● Catherine VISTRO-YU (Philippines)

  ● Binyan XU (ICME-14 LOC Co-chair, China)

  ● Ivan YASHCHENKO (Russia)

The local Organizing Committee (LOC)


  ●  Binyan XU (East China Normal Universty)

  ● Jiansheng BAO (East China Normal University)

Secretary General:

  ● Yingkang WU (East China Normal University)


  ● Yiming CAO (Beijing Normal University)

  ● Jun CHAI (East China Normal University)

  ● Yifei CHEN (Chinese Mathematical Society)

  ● Yuelan CHEN (East China Normal University)

  ● Jing CHENG (East China Normal University)

  ● Lianghuo FAN (East China Normal University)

  ● Zhigang FENG (Shanghai High School)

  ● Fuzhou GONG (Chinese Mathematical Society)

  ● Yijie HE (East China Normal University)

  ● Hua HUANG (Teaching Research Department, Shanghai Municipal Education Commission)

  ● Qiping KONG (East China Normal University)

  ● Honghong LI (East China Normal University)

  ● Di LIU (East China Normal University)

  ● Xiaoli LU (East China Normal University)

  ● Ming NI (East China Normal University Press)

  ● Naiqing SONG (Southwest University)

  ● Shengli TAN (East China Normal University)

  ● Jialu WANG (East China Normal University)

  ● Xiaoqin WANG (East China Normal University)

  ● Bin XIONG (East China Normal University)

  ● Yijun YAO (Shanghai Mathematical Society)

  ● Jianyue ZHANG (People’s Education Press)

  ● Jinyu ZHANG (Minhang Institute of Education, Shanghai)

  ● Yan ZHU (East China Normal University)

   ● Jiachen ZOU (East China Normal University)

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