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The conservation of monuments and historic sites is one of the most challenging problems facing modern civilization. It involves, in inextricable patterns, factors belonging to different fields (cultural, humanistic, social, technical, economical, administrative) and the requirements of safety and use appear (and often are) in conflict with the respect of the integrity of the monuments.
The complexity of the topic is such that a shared framework of reference is still lacking among art historians, architects, structural and geotechnical engineers.


I.V. Anirudhan
Kari Avellan
John Burland
Giovanni Calabresi
Dimitris Egglezos
Alessandro Flora
Guido Gottardi
Ivo Herle
Michele Jamiolkowski
Antonio Jaramillo
Renato Lancellotta
Jean Launay
Michael Lisyuk
Masoud Makarchian
Guri Merita
Mamoru Mimura
Nicola Moraci (AGI President)
Kasinathan Muthukkumaran
Efrain Ovando Shelley
Yong Patrick
Pilar Rodriguez Monteverde
Harry Saroglou
Jamie Standing
Hongwei Sun
Chikaosa Tanimoto
Vladimir Ulitsky
Jean David Vernhes
Carlo Viggiani

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    Jun 24


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