The 36th IGC was a dream for us, the Indians and our neighbours. Winning the bid was expensive. It had cost us profuse sweat and sleepless nights.

Driven by the enthusiasm to host the Olympics of Geosciences, we were giving the finishing touches to our 8 years' efforts. However, destiny was scripted otherwise. Corona struck, and we struggled with finding a date for holding the event.

But thanks to the relentless efforts of the medical fraternity, the governments and above all the resolute spirit of the people, the tables were turned again.

The resurrected Congress may appear as an insignificant event in time. However, it stands tall as a mark of the triumph of human spirit over disease and decadence.

We, with great pleasure, announce the unveiling of the 36th International Geological Congress - Virtual on 20 March 2022. We hope the 3-day event brings to you some smile, cheer and some of the best thoughts and findings of the world.

Look forward to seeing you!

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    Mar 22


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