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CIMAC is the global platform for dialogue amongst the various stakeholders in the large engine industry. Every three years CIMAC holds an international Congress and this time, the 30th CIMAC World Congress will take place from June 12-16, 2023, in Busan, South Korea. This is a unique opportunity for stakeholders to keep up to date with what is happening in our large engine industry and to discuss technological challenges and solutions with other specialists and fellow colleagues. 


Donghan Jin ,CIMAC President ,Tianjin University,China

Peter Müller-Baum ,CIMAC Secretary General ,CIMAC,Germany

KangKi Lee ,Congress Ambassador ,AVL List GmbH,Austria

Kwang-hean An ,Congress President ,Hyundai Heavy Industries,Korea

Marko Dekena ,CIMAC VP Technical Program ,INNIO,Austria

Jonas Åkerman ,CIMAC VP Technical Program ,Wärtsilä,Finland

Christoph Rofka ,CIMAC VP Communications ,ABB Turbocharging,Switzerland

Pei Yiqiang ,Member of Council ,Tianjin University,China

Masayoshi Kawakami ,Member of Council ,JICEF,Japan

Philippe Lecloux ,Member of Council ,Aderco,Singapore

Ji Hyoub Cha ,Representatives of the Congress hosting organization ,KOFCE,Korea

Marc Schinke ,Representative of CIMAC Host Associate Secretariat ,VDMA,Germany

Call for paper

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2021-08-17 00:00:00
Abstract submission deadline
2021-10-27 00:00:00
Abstract notification of acceptance
1970-01-01 00:00:00
Draft paper submission deadline
1970-01-01 00:00:00
Draft paper acceptance notification
Final paper submission deadline

Dear Colleagues and Partners,

The organizers of the 30th CIMAC World Congress on Combustion Engines sincerely invite you to submit your proposals in the fields of marine, power generation and locomotive engine research & development covering state of-the-art technologies as well as the application of such engines and systems. The topic streams for the event are detailed in the 'Call for Papers' below. 

The Congress takes us this time to Busan, South Korea, from June 12-16, 2023. South Korea is the leading ship manufacturer worldwide, with its shipbuilding industry maintaining the top position in the global market for a third consecutive year. 

As our industry is facing enormous challenges, a holistic technical exchange on the state of affairs is imperative. Not to mention the end-user’s perspective to complete the loop of providing feedback to technology solutions from the field for lessons to be learned and ideas for future developments.

We are looking forward to receiving your contribution and seeing you at the CIMAC Congress 2023 in Busan where the Congress will provide a perfect opportunity to meet manufacturers, colleagues, and customers from the entire industry around the world. 

Submission Topics

Intelligent Power Systems

1 | Digitalization and Connectivity

2 | System Integration and Hybridization

3 | Electrification and Fuel Cells Development

4 | Controls, Automation, Measurement & Monitoring

Towards Zero Emissions

5 | Emission Reduction Technologies - Exhaust Gas Aftertreatment Solutions

6 | Emission Reduction Technologies - Engine Measures & Combustion Development

7 | Fuels - Conventional Fuels

8 | Fuels - Alternative & New Fuels

9 | Lubricants

Proven Technologies

10 | New Engine Developments - Diesel

11 | New Engine Developments - Gas

12 | New Engine Development - Dual Fuel

13 | New Engine Development - Alternative Fuels & Other New Engine Concepts

14 | Engine Component Development - Fuel Injection & Gas Admission

15 | Engine Component Development - Components

16 | Engine Component Development - Tribology

17 | Engine Component Development - Turbochargers & Air-/Exhaust Management

Fundamental Research

18 | Basic Research & Advanced Engineering - New Concepts

19 | Basic Research & Advanced Engineering - Simulation Technologies

20 | Basic Research & Advanced Engineering - Mechanics & Materials Research

21 | Basic Research & Advanced Engineering- Visualizations

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    Jun 12



    Jun 16


  • Aug 17 2021

    Abstract Submission Deadline

  • Oct 27 2021

    Abstract Notification of Acceptance

  • Feb 04 2022

    Final Paper Deadline

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