The Digital Audio Effects conferences are meeting points for scientists, engineers, musicians and artists who are developing and applying technology to audio in all its forms. The conference title originated from a European Union's COST-G6 project and the first public event, the DAFx'98 Workshop, took place in Barcelona. There is now a long standing tradition of DAFx. Besides DAFx conference proceedings, two editions of the Digital Audio Effects (DAFx) book have been published. In the time, the original title has been given a much broader meaning encompassing all kind of sound and music information processing. Perhaps, we can agree that an Audio Effect is just about anything that sounds! DAFx conferences are a blend of oral and poster presentations of peer-reviewed papers, keynote addresses, tutorials and demonstrations. Several social events are held for the attendants, including a concert and the traditional banquet.
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Submission Topics

We are pleased to invite the community to submit to the 25th International Conference on Digital Audio Effects. The conference will be hosted at the Vienna University of Music and Performing Arts. The annual conference brings together academics, industry bodies and students from around the globe to participate in the development of Digital Audio Effects for music production, speech, sound design and other applications.

We would like to invite submissions of papers for presentation at DAFx20in22 within the following general areas:

  • Capture and Analysis
  • Representation, transformation and modelling
  • Transmission and resynthesis
  • Effects and manipulation
  • Perception, psychoacoustics and evaluation
  • Spatial sound analysis, coding and synthesis
  • Source separation
  • Physical modelling, virtual acoustic and analogue models
  • Sound synthesis, composition and sonification
  • Hardware and software design
  • Music Information Retrieval and Intelligent Audio Engineering
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    Sep 06



    Sep 10


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