The workshop will address new and state-of-the-art developments in modeling and control of distributed parameter systems and their application. This covers approaches and techniques for the modeling, analysis, control, and observer/estimator design for systems governed by partial differential equations and may include methods such as differential geometric and algebraic approaches, semigroup and operator theory, Lyapunov-based and backstepping techniques, passivity and dissipativity, optimal control, controllability and observability analysis, stability theory, model reduction for control, computational methods, real-time control, actuator and sensor placement, experimental design. In addition, applications are considered covering, e.g., smart and adaptive structures, marine systems and aerospace engineering, flow control, energy generation, distribution and storage, process systems engineering, adaptive optics, quantum systems, distributed cooperative systems, and traffic control.
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    Sep 07



    Sep 09


  • Feb 15 2022

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  • Sep 09 2022

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IEEE Control Systems Society
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