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Keywords:Active perception & 3-D perception,Artificial intelligence,Automation,CNC Machines & Robotics,Autonomous robotic vehicles,Evolutionary robotics,Gaits of humanoids,Hardware architecture for humanoids,Humanoid motion planning,Industrial Robotics,Intelligent Control systems,Legged locomotion,Microsensors and actuators,Mobile robots,Multi-robot systems,Neural decoding algorithms,Robotics and Robot Applications,Path Planning,SLAM Algorithms,Robot cognition, adaptation and learning,
Scope:2022 7th International Conference on Mechanical Engineering and Robotics Research aims to provide a forum for researchers, practitioners, and professionals from the industry, academia and government to discourse on research and development, professional practice in mechanical engineering and robotics research. ICMERR 2022 will be held in Krakow, Poland during December 9-11, 2022. It aims to be one of the leading international conferences for presenting novel and fundamental advances in the fields of mechanical engineering and robotics. It also serves to foster communication among researchers and practitioners working in a wide variety of scientific areas with a common interest in improving mechanical engineering and robotics techniques.
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Mechanical Engineering

Analytical mechanics
Applied Mechanics
Computational mechanics
Combustion and Fuels
Controls and Dynamics
Environmental Management
Fluid Mechanics
Heat Transfer and Thermal Power
I.C. Engines & Automobile Engineering
Industrial Engineering & Management
Machine Design
Manufacturing Engineering
Material Science & Metallurgy
Operations Research and Industrial Management
Production Management
Refrigeration & Air-Conditioning
Rotor dynamics
Solid mechanics
Thermodynamics and Combustion Engineering
Tribology and Terotechnology


Active perception & 3-D perception
Artificial intelligence
Automatic 3D buildings design
Automation, CNC Machines & Robotics
Autonomous robotic vehicles
Evolutionary robotics
Gaits of humanoids
Hardware architecture for humanoids
Humanoid motion planning
Industrial Robotics
Intelligent Control systems
Legged locomotion
Microsensors and actuators
Mobile robots
Multi-robot systems
Neural decoding algorithms
Robotics and Robot Applications
Path Planning
SLAM Algorithms
Robot cognition, adaptation and learning
GA and neural networks for mobile robots
Space robotics

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    Dec 09



    Dec 11


  • Jul 15 2022

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