AboutComputing and Processing; Engineering Profession; Power, Energy and Industry Applications; Robotics and Control Systems; Signal Processing and Analysis; Transportation
Keywords:BioloIoT Application in Renewable Energy SoSolar power generation,Wind power generation,Power Quality,Electric Vehicles,Microgrids,Smart grids,Fuel Cell Vehicles,Demand Side Management,Maximum Power Point Trackers,Energy Management Systems,Vehicle-to-grid,Adaptive signal processing,Biomedical Signal Processing,Digital Signal Processing,Machine Learning,Cybersecurity,Internet Of Things,Artificial intelligence,Blockchains,Video signal processing,
Scope:The Primary objective of IEEE-iSSSC 2022 is to provide a platform for both hardware & software researchers to interact under one umbrella for recent development, applications & research outcomes on Sustainable Energy, Signal processing and Cyber Security together in all areas of, Electrical Engineering, Electronics & Communication Engineering, Computer/Information Science, Biomedical Engineering, and Instrumentation Engineering. The conference consists of invited lectures by experts, tutorials, and interactive sessions for high-quality contributory papers through oral presentations. Students are encouraged through a reduced registration fee. The best papers will be judged and awarded during the conference.
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Abstract submission deadline

Submission Topics

  • Track-1: Power and Sustainable Energy (PSE)
  • Renewable Energy Technology for Micro Grid
  • Micro Grid Design Implementation & Optimization
  • Distributed Generation & Grid Interconnection
  • Control Techniques for Smart Grid Energy Systems
  • Energy Storage & Battery Charging Technology
  • Energy Management for Smart Grid and Micro Grid
  • Electric Vehicle (EV) & Hybrid EV Technology
  • Vehicle to Grid (V2G) and Grid to Vehicle (G2V) Technology
  • AI/ML for load demand & weather forecasting
  • Demand Side Management for Smart Grid & Micro Grid
  • Demand Response for Smart Grid & Micro Grid
  • Combined economic emission dispatch for Micro Grid
  • Reactive power dispatch with FACTS devices
  • Congestion management in deregulated environment
  • Automatic generation control of multi-unit multi-area deregulated power system
  • Electricity market pricing strategies
  • Solar and Wind Power Technology
  • Power quality in Smart Grid
  • Fuel Cell based Micro Grid Systems
  • Power Electronics Converters and Drives for Micro Grid
  • Power Electronic Converter/Inverter for RES applications
  • Track 2: Signal Processing and Applications (SPA)
  • Adaptive and Statistical Signal Processing
  • Image and Video Processing
  • Computational Imaging/Photography and Inverse Problems
  • Signal Processing Algorithms and Architectures
  • Multimodal Signal Processing
  • Underwater Communications and Signal Processing
  • VLSI for Communication and Signal Processing
  • Biological Signal Processing
  • Biological Network and Data Analysis/Modeling
  • Deep Learning for Computer Vision
  • Speech &Natural Language Processing
  • Biomedical Signal Processing
  • Track-3: Cyber Security and Communication (CSC)
  • Machine Learning & Big data Analytics in Smart Grid
  • IoT Application in Renewable Energy Sources (RES)
  • Cyber Security System in Micro Grid
  • Artificial Intelligence in Smart Grid
  • Cyber Security in Modern Power Systems
  • Block Chain Technologies in Smart Grid
  • Wireless and Mobile Communications
  • Cooperative and D2D Communications
  • Coding for Data Communications and Storage
  • Optical Communications and Networks
  • Next-Generation Networking and QoS
  • Cyber-Physical Systems
  • Vehicular Networks
  • THz and RF Systems for Communications
  • Green Communications
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    Dec 15



    Dec 17


  • Oct 07 2022

    Abstract Submission Deadline

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