AboutCommunication, Networking and Broadcast Technologies; Computing and Processing; Photonics and Electrooptics; Power, Energy and Industry Applications; Robotics and Control Systems; Signal Processing and Analysis; Transportation
Keywords:Smart Cities, IoTs,Communication Technologies, Cloud Computing,Power and Energy, Smart Grids, Photonic-Devices and Integrated Photonics ,Robotics, Automation and AI, Autonomous Transportation,VANETS,6G and 7G ,e-Healthcare.
Scope:Along with achieving its primary goal HONET has been phenomenal in attracting quality research papers from around the world. The conference has been successful in gradually emerging as a focal point for research that targets local and global issues related to science and technology. The 19th International Conference HONET 2022 will focus on Research and Development and the use of information & communication technology for making Smart Cities a reality. Specifically, the role of IoT and AI, data analytics, and intelligent energy & transportation systems in conjunction with ICT, e-Healthcare & role of Photonics will be explored in the technical sessions. As with the previous HONET events, we are expecting papers in the above-mentioned thematic areas and related emerging and enabling technologies. The conference will be held at Kennesaw State University, Marietta, GA with the collaboration of UNC Charlotte, NC, USA.
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1. AI & IoT
   a. Enhancing the capabilities of Smart Communities using AI
   b. Machine Learning models for Smart Cities
   c. Realizing Smart Localities using IoT
2. Robotics
   a. Robotics & Automation
   b. Autonomous Vehicles and Charging Technologies
3. Computer and Communication Networks and Network Security
   a. Wireless Networks
   b. Photonic Networks
   c. 5G Communication and beyond
   d. Software Defined Networks (SDN)
   e. Network Security and Forensic Analysis
4. Energy and Power Technologies
   a. Renewable Energy Sources
   b. Smart-Grids and Robust Infrastructure
   c. Smart Storage and Demand & Response
   d. Micro Grid Analytics and Management
   e. Smart Grid and Smart Cities
5. Photonics
   a. LEDs, Lasers and Solar Cells and Panels
   b. Packaging
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    Oct 10



    Oct 12


  • Sep 01 2022

    Abstract Submission Deadline

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