AboutBioengineering; Components, Circuits, Devices and Systems; Power, Energy and Industry Applications; Signal Processing and Analysis
Keywords:Sustainable energy ,Energy storage,Energy conversion,Renewable energy ,Energy efficiency,Energy governance,Smart agriculture energy ,Sustainable agricultural systems,Circular economy,Environmental quality of resources,Sustainable food systems,Waste and residue management,Ecosystem management,Sustainable materials and equipment,Green equipment and technologies,Gas emissions,Biotechnologies,Climate change,Smart sustainable cities,Water and renewable energies,Hydrology and ecosystems,Renewable ener
Scope:The 1st International Conference on Renewable Solutions for Ecosystems: Towards a Sustainable Energy Transition, ICRSEtoSET 2022, focuses on the applications of renewable energy resources for the supply and management of these resources with reliable sustainability for the energy sectors. Renewable energies, towards innovations in agriculture and water resources management for good management of ecosystems and promoting economic growth and environmental protection. The topics of interest include, may not be limited to, the following: A. Sustainable renewable energy systems B. Agricultural systems and sustainability C. Environmental impacts D. Supply and management of water resources E. Diagnosis of failures in renewable energy systems F. Sustainable materials and equipment
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The topics of interest include, may not be limited to, the following:

A. Sustainable renewable energy systems
• Batteries and energy storage
• Energy supply conversion
• renewable energy saving
• Energy efficiency
• Biomass energies
• Sustainable energies
• Wind energy
• Geothermal energies
• Hybrid energies
• Hydraulic energies
• Solar energy
• Energy management and quality
• Renewable energy governance

B. Agricultural systems and sustainability
• Transformation in agricultural systems
• Agricultural Biotechnologies
• Economy and food security
• Emergence of renewable energies
• Renewable energies in agriculture
• Farms with sustainability
• Energy management in agricultural areas
• Renewable innovation and applications
• Environmental quality of resources
• Smart energy agriculture networks
• Sustainable agricultural systems
• Sustainable farming systems
• Sustainable food systems

C. Environmental impacts
• Environmental and climate change
• Detection of hazardous substances
• Dynamics and environmental sustainability
• Gas emissions
• Sustainable energy and environment
• Waste and residue management
• Ecosystem management
• Sustainable management of resources
• Hydrology and ecosystems
• Impact and ecological engineering
• Pollution and waste treatment
• Global warming
• Smart sustainable cities

D. Supply and management of water resources
• Desalination and water treatment
• Water and renewable energies
• Watershed management
• Water treatment management
• Groundwater management
• Smart pumping and irrigation
• Protection of water resources
• Quality of drinking water
• Water quality
• Water recovery
• Water recycling and reuse
• Emission sources
• Environmental technologies of treatment

E. Diagnosis of failures in renewable energy systems
• Intelligent data acquisition
• Failures analysis
• Life cycle of renewable energy systems
• Faults detection and identification
• Diagnosis and fault tolerant control
• Diagnosis and monitoring systems
• Renewable energy systems reliability
• Maintenance of energy systems
• Decision making on diagnosis
• Supervision of smart irrigation systems
• Supervision of water treatment systems
• Autonomous systems
• Renewable energy monitoring systems

F. Sustainable materials and equipment
• Sustainable heating and cooling
• Air conditioning with renewable energies
• Sizing of renewable energy equipment
• Green equipment and technologies
• Green manufacturing
• Hydrogen and fuel cell
• Renewable hydrogen
• Insulation and energy efficiency
• Photovoltaic materials and cells
• New durable materials
• Energy security systems
• Green and clean technologies
• Smart cities and buildings

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