2nd International Conference on Networking Systems of AI (INSAI2022) will be held in Shanghai, China during October 14-15, 2022.

INSAI2022 is a premier international academic conference organized by Institute on Networking Systems of AI (INSAI), Fudan University, Hainan University and University of Toronto. INSAI2022 will provide a forum for researchers, engineers and industry experts to discuss recent developments, new ideas and breakthroughs in Networking Systems of Artificial Intelligence. Topics of interest include B5G Physical Communications and Networks, Polymorphic Networks and Configurability, Heterogenous Micro and Nano Electronics for IMCSC, AI Empowered Smart Services and Applications, Ubiquitous Brain Networks. This conference also provides an opportunity to interact and establish professional relations for future collaboration.

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1. B5G Physical Communications and Networks

- B5G AI empowered communications

- New waveforms, modulation, and multiple access

- L2 Multihop wireless transmissions

- Mobile/Edge/Cloud computing infrastructure

- Flexible optical transport

- Service customized communication and computing

2. Polymorphic Networks and Configurability

- Service customized virtual networks

- Multi-time-scale resource allocation and configuration

- Topology management

- Routing and load balancing

- Dynamic network slicing

- Security, accountability & privacy

3. Heterogenous Micro and Nano Electronics for IMCSC (Integrated Memory-Computing-Sensing- Communications)

- Mimic-state wafer and chiplet designs

- Next generation CPU based on RISC-V architecture

- Next generation memory-computing for AI computing

- Heterogenous IMCSC architecture and technology

- NSAI based communications and MEMS

4. AI Empowered Smart Services and Applications

- Distributed AI computing

- Online evolutive learning based AI systems

- Smart services and APIs

- New AAA techniques

- NSAI applications and trails

- AI for the Internet of Things

5. Ubiquitous Brain Networks

- AI empowered Brain-Computer interface

- Applications of UBN

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Important Date
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    Oct 14



    Oct 15


  • Aug 15 2022

    Draft paper submission deadline

  • Aug 31 2022

    Draft Paper Acceptance Notification

Sponsored By
Fudan University
Hainan University, China
IEEE Computer Society
Institute on Networking Systems of AI
University of Toronto