The 32nd IEEE International Conference on Application specific Systems, Architectures and Processors will go virtual in 2021. The history of the ASAP conference traces back to the International Workshop on Systolic Arrays, organized in 1986 in Oxford, UK. It later developed into the International Conference on Application-Specific Array Processors. With its current title, it was organized for the first time in Chicago, USA, in 1996. Since then, it has alternated between Europe and North-America. 

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Submission Topics

• Green AI for Ubiquitous Computing

• Diversity and Inclusion in VLSI

• Heterogeneous Integration

• Computer arithmetic

• Cryptography

• Compression

• Network processing

• Signal and image processing

• Reconfigurable computing (FPGAs, CGRAs, etc.)

• Application-specific instruction-set processors

• Hardware and reconfigurable accelerators

• Embedded systems and domain-specific solutions

• Approximate computing

• Heterogeneous computing, ranging from embedded to HPC systems and data centers

• Cloud computing infrastructures and acceleration

• Edge computing, wireless, mobile, and IoT systems

• Hardware and software architectures for CPS

• AI architectures, acceleration of machine learning (custom designs or based on FPGAs, GPUs, TPUs)

• Autonomous computing systems

• Design methods, tools, and compilers

• Simulation and prototyping (e.g., validation, performance analysis)

• System quality attributes (energy efficiency, fault tolerance, security, etc.)

• Accelerators for computational genomics, finance, big data, and other complex workloads

• Emerging technologies

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