Welcome to the 3rd International Conference “Sustainable Materials Processing and Manufacturing” !


Conference Organising Committee:China

Xiwen Luo (Co-Chair), Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, South China Agricultural University

Lin Zhu(Vice Chairman), Anhui Agricultural University

Liqing Chen (Vice Chairman), Anhui Agricultural University

Junling Lu, University of Science and Technology of China

Shiwu Zhang, University of Science and Technology of China

Li Song, University of Science and Technology of China

Dong Wu, University of Science and Technology of China

Lei Mao, University of Science and Technology of China

Yanlei Hu, University of Science and Technology of China

Jiawen Li, University of Science and Technology of China

Qingbo He, Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Zhiqiang Zhou, NanKai University

Mingchuan Zhou, Zhejiang University

Wenhao Su, China Agricultural University

Jiwen Zhao, Hefei University of Technology

Xiaochan Wang, Nanjing Agricultural University

Maohua Xiao, Nanjing Agricultural University

Yongbing Liu, Anhui University

Fang Liu, Anhui University

Silang Lu, Anhui University

Liangyuan Xu, Anhui Agricultural University

Chenglong Yin, Anhui Agricultural University

Longzhe Quan, Anhui Agricultural University

Conference Organising Committee:international

Tien-Chien Jen(Conference Chair), ASME Fellow, ASSAf Member,University of Johannesburg

Martin Wegener, Academician of German Academy of Sciences

Chris Yuan, Case Western Reserve University

Kamlakar Rajurkar, University of Nebraska, Lincoln

Steven Liang, Georgia Institute of Technology

Dongqing Pan, University of North Alabama

Adri van Duin, Penn State University

Panos Papalambros, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Jeffrey Grossman, MIT

Steven Y. Liang, Georgia Institute of Technology

K. P. Rajurkar, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Liu Zheng, Nanyang Technological University

Koji Sugioka, RIKEN Center for Advanced Photonics

Weihua Li, University of Wollongong

Babak Safaei, Eastern Mediterranean University

Esther Akinlabi, Pan African University for Life and Earth Sciences Institute (PAULESI)

Fredrick Mwema, Dedan Kimathi University of Technology

Samuel Fatoba, Debre Tabor University

Xinying Liu, University of South Africa

Ramesh Kuppuswamy, University of Cape Town

Jianwei Ren, University of Johannesburg

Peter Olubambi, University of Johannesburg

Yanxia Sun, University of Johannesburg

Nkosinathi Madushele, University of Johannesburg

Largouge Tartibu, University of Johannesburg

Peter Oviroh, University of Johannesburg

Call for paper

Important date

Abstract submission deadline
Abstract notification of acceptance
Draft paper submission deadline
Draft paper acceptance notification
Final paper submission deadline

1) All the manuscripts submitted to the conference will go through double blind peer review process.

2) The conference will have an ISBN number.

3) The proceeding will be published by Taylor & Francis, Inc in Materials and Manufacturing Processes.

4) The conference is indexed by web of science (JCR 1).

Submission Topics

1.Environmental Policies, Standards and Education for Sustainable Engineering

●Environmental management and ISO standards 

●Legislation, education and corporate-social factors 

●Awareness for sustainability in public and government 

●Role of academia in sustainable engineering and development 

●Engineering education for sustainable development

2.Life Cycle Engineering

●Product life cycle and various life phases in sustainable product developments 

●Life cycle activities, life phases and life cycle decision making 

●Life cycle thinking and assessment 

●Life cycle assessment tools and techniques 

●Case studies in life cycle engineering

3.Sustainable Manufacturing Systems and Techniques

●Sustainable production systems 

●Process automation for sustainable manufacturing 

●Advanced and hybrid manufacturing for sustainability 

●Additive manufacturing 

●Laser-assisted machining 

●Ultrasonic-assisted machining 

●Green Machining: sustainability in conventional and advanced machining 

●Environment-friendly lubricants and lubrication techniques 

●Minimum quantity lubrication (MQL) 

●Cryogenic cooling 

●Dry cutting 

●Low impact manufacturing 

●Energy and resource-efficient manufacturing 

●Role of digital and intelligent manufacturing in sustainability 

●Optimization strategies for sustainability 

●Sustainability in precision engineering and micro-machining

4.Sustainable Materials and Processing

●Sustainability in material deposition and processing 

●Green material processing technologies 

●Sustainable use of materials 

●Sustainable polymer recycling and processing 

●Recycling of critical metals


●Powder metallurgy 

●Materials testing 

●Wear and corrosion of materials 

●Sustainable coatings 

●Identification and replacement for critical materials

5.Sustainable Product Design and Development

●Sustainable design, innovation and services 

●Sustainable product design services 

●Design for the environment 

●Zero- and near-zero landfill designs for manufacture 

●Design for disassembly/re-use/re-manufacturing/recycling and serviceability

6.Sustainable Supply Chain and Business Models

●Green supply chain and logistics 

●Sustainable supply chain management 

●Sustainable materials management 

●Maintenance strategies for sustainable manufacturing 

●Strategies and business models for sustainable development 

●Business strategy and climate change 

●Investment options in sustainable manufacturing

7.Renewable Energy and Sustainability

●Bio gas production and processing 

●Solar energy 

●Wind energy 

●Fuel cell technology 

●Hydrogen generation and storage 

●Energy storage technology 

●Sustainable materials management

8.Industry 4.0 and Internet of things

●Sustainability of current trends in automation 

●Data mining in manufacturing technologies 

●Sustainability of cyber-physical systems 

●Sustainability of cloud and cognitive computing and manufacturing systems 

●Sustainability of futuristic and advanced technologies

9.Modelling and Simulation for Sustainable Manufacturing

●Modelling and Simulation in Advanced Manufacturing 

●Modelling and Simulation for Sustainable Development 

●Sustainable Lean Manufacturing modelling 

●Simulation Modelling for Sustainability 

●Modelling manufacturing systems 

●Optimizing Sustainable Manufacturing

10.Intelligent Agricultural Equipment

●Intelligent Agricultural Equipment



11.Other Important aspects

●Eco tribology

●Ecological engineering

●Technology and de-growth

●Waste treatment and management

●Lean manufacturing

●Recycling and reuse

●Disassembly and remanufacturing

●Cleaner production

●Industrial case studies

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