The Microwave and Radio Electronics Week 2023 - MAREW 2023 is organized by the Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Pardubice in cooperation with Czech and Slovak technical universities. The scope of the conference is to create a discussion forum for researchers, academics, people in industry, and students. The conference is for those interested in the latest developments in the area of electronics, signal processing and applications, information technologies, microwave techniques, and related disciplines. The key component of MAREW 2023 will be the conference – 33rd International Conference Radioelektronika 2023. The official language of the convention is English.


University of Pardubice (CZ)
Brno University of Technology (CZ)
Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava (SK)
Czech Technical University in Prague (CZ)
Technical University of Košice (SK)
Conference chair
Zdenek Nemec, University of Pardubice (CZ)
Technical program chair
Jan Pidanic, University of Pardubice (CZ)
Committee of International Conference Radioelektronika 2023
Baudoin Genevieve, ESIEE Paris (FR)
Balkovic Mislav, Visoka škola za primijenjeno računarstvo (HR)
Bezruk Valerii, Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics (UA)
Dobes Josef, Czech Technical University in Prague (CZ)
Drutarovsky Milos, Technical University of Kosice (SK)
Fedorov Oleksii, Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics (UA)
Galajda Pavol, Technical University of Kosice (SK)
Hagara Miroslav, STU Bratislava (SK)
Hudcova Lucie, Brno University of Technology (CZ)
Juhar Jozef, Technical University of Kosice (SK)
Kolka Zdenek, Brno University of Technology (CZ)
Kratochvil Tomas, Brno University of Technology (CZ)
Laurent Simon, Universite du Maine (FR)
Machac Jan, Czech Technical University in Prague (CZ)
Marsalek Roman, Brno University of Technology (CZ)
Mishra Amit Kumar, University of Capetown (SA)
Moric Zlatan, Visoka škola za primijenjeno računarstvo (HR)
Nemec Zdenek, University of Pardubice (CZ)
Ondas Stanislav, Technical University of Kosice (SK)
Ondracek Oldrich, STU Bratislava (SK)
Pechac Pavel, Czech Technical University in Prague (CZ)
Petrzela Jiri, Brno University of Technology (CZ)
Pidanic Jan, University of Pardubice (CZ)
Pleva Matus, Technical University of Kosice (SK)
Polak Ladislav, Brno University of Technology (CZ)
Polivka Milan, Czech Technical University in Prague (CZ)
Pucik Josef, STU Bratislava (SK)
Raida Zbynek, Brno University of Technology (CZ)
Rupp Markus, Vienna University of Technology (A)
Suhartanto Heru, University of Indonesia (IND)
Sedivy Pavel, RETIA, a.s. (CZ)
Sotner Roman, Brno University of Technology (CZ)
Trivedi Gaurav, IIT Guwahati (IND)
Zalabsky Tomas, University of Pardubice (CZ)

Call for paper

Important date

Draft paper submission deadline
Draft paper acceptance notification
Final paper submission deadline

Submission Topics

Analog Signal Processing
Biomedical Signal Processing
Digital Signal Processing
DSP Algorithms
Image and Video Processing
Radar Signal and Data Processing
Radar Image Processing
Real Time Signal Processing
Signal Analysis
Spectral Analysis
Speech and Audio Processing
Analog and Digital Circuits
Computer Modeling
Communication and RF Circuits and Systems
Digital and Embedded Systems
Electronics Circuits
Electronics in Industry and Transport
Power Electronics
Sensors and Materials
Test, Verification of Electronics Systems
VLSI Systems
Algorithms and Data Structures
Computational Science and Applications
Data Management
Information Systems
Network Technologies
Network Services
Parallel and Distributed Computing
Telecommunication Systems
Wireless Network Systems
Antennas Design and Modelling
Antenna Measurements
Communication Systems
Electromagnetic Compatibility
Industrial Applications
Microwave Circuits and Systems
Microwave Measurements
Microwave Modeling & Simulation
Signal Propagation
UWB Technology

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Important Date
  • Conference Date

    Apr 19



    Apr 20


  • Jan 27 2023

    Draft paper submission deadline

  • Mar 14 2023

    Draft Paper Acceptance Notification

  • Mar 31 2023

    Final Paper Deadline

Sponsored By
Czechoslovakia Section of IEEE
Czech Electrotechnical Society
Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Pardubice
Czech and Slovak technical universities
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