AboutRobotics and Control Systems
Keywords:Intelligent Control Systems and Optimization,Signal Processing,Sensors, Systems Modelling and Control,Human-Machine Interfaces,Control and Supervision Systems,System Identification,Sensors Fusion,System Modelling,Real-Time Systems Control,Fuzzy Control,Distributed Control Systems.
Scope:2023 the 7th International Conference on Robotics, Control and Automation (ICRCA 2023) will be held in Taizhou, China during January 5-7, 2023. It's aims to boost development of the robotics, control and automation field, expand channels of international academic exchange in science and technology, build a sharing platform of academic resources, promote scientific innovation on the global scale. It also aims to encourage exchange of information on research frontiers in different fields, turn research results into industrial solutions, bring together talents, technologies and capital to boost development. ICRCA will be a perfect gathering to learn about new perspectives, technologies and trends which might pushes the boundaries of the technology and eventually creates a broader future for applications.
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