ARTeFACTo 2022 MACAO has the goal to promote interest in the current digital media culture and its intersection with art, communication and technology as an essential research field while focusing on the study of the digital media artefacts, embracing topics covering their conceptualisation, design, creative/art practice/research processes, computational implementation, exhibition and fruition as well their role in today’s information and knowledge society, fostering the establishment of the conceptual foundations of an artefact theory in the digital media world. ARTeFACTo 2022 MACAO has a conference format with technical sessions, invited talks, discussion panels, and exhibition areas for artefacts and installations. Contributions can be in full papers, short papers and proposals for artefact exhibitions/art installations.

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Carlos Sena Caires, University of Saint Joseph, Macao
Álvaro Barbosa, University of Saint Joseph, Macao


Gerald Estadieu, University of Saint Joseph, Macao


Filipa Martins de Abreu, University of Saint Joseph, Macao
Filipe Pais, ENSAD, France
Koray Tahiroglu, Aalto University, Finland
Li Jiaqi, Macau University of Science and Technology, Macao

Call for paper

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Submission Topics

Topics of interest include (but are not limited to):

Virtual and Mixed Reality
Augmented Reality and Immersive Art
Art and Technology
Digital Art and Communication
Digital Culture and Media
Digital Sound and Music
Digital Transmedia Storytelling
Information and Data Visualization
Digital Dance & Body Poetics
VideoArt and VideoMapping
Interactive Film
Generative Art
Algorithmic Art & Design
BioArt, NanoArt and xArt
Tangible and Gestures Interfaces
Digital Serious Game
Art Game
Digital Poetry & Electronic Literature

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    Nov 24



    Nov 25


  • Aug 31 2022

    Draft paper submission deadline

  • Sep 30 2022

    Draft Paper Acceptance Notification

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IEEE Macau Section
University of Saint Joseph