The IEEE Summer Topicals Meeting Series serves as an international forum to facilitate information exchange between various technical communities using or affected by rapidly growing areas of technology or “Hot Topics” related to the general field of Photonics. Historically, the conference hosts 4-7 individual topics and attracts 200+ participants with 30-50 participants attending each topic. This intimate environment of a small conference provides the opportunity to learn about emerging fields and to interact with the research and technology leaders.

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We envision this Topical Meeting to encompass the three main sub-topics of Sources, Current Applications, and Future Application Development. These sub-topics in turn will include:

Stable CW and pulsed laser sources
Global fiber sensing networks using deployed fiber, submarine and terrestrial
Frequency agile lasers (swept source)
Limits of coherent optical communications
Field Trials (Fiber, Land, Space)
Performance and portability trade-space
Optical clocks in space
Hollow Core Fiber applications
Frequency stability from mid-IR to visible wavelengths
Multimodal sensing & digital signal processing

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    Jul 17



    Jul 19


  • Mar 11 2023

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