It's our great honor to announce that 2023 5th International Conference on Intelligent Medicine and Image Processing (IMIP 2023) will be taken place in Tiangong University, Tianjin, China during March 17-20, 2023. IMIP 2023 is sponsored by Tiangong University and Beijing CAS Spark Institute Information Technology, hosted by Tiangong University.

Previously, IMIP conference series were held successfully online for 3 years and IMIP 2019 was held successfully in Bali, Indonesia. IMIP is an annually-held conference which aims to provide a communication platform for top technology leaders, scholars, engineers, scientists, leading industry leaders as well as graduate students to share ideas and discuss the latest technology in Intelligent Medicine and Image Processing or related fields. The conference offers keynote speeches, invited speeches, oral presentation session, poster session, video presentation, exhibition and other forms of communication and information exchange.

We are looking forward to seeing you in the beautiful Tianjin, China!

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Conference Chairs

Prof. Zhitao Xiao, Tiangong University, China

Prof. Hiroshi Fujita, Gifu University, Japan

Prof. Mohd Shafry Mohd Rahim, University Technology Malaysia, Malaysia

Program Chairs

Prof. Dong Ming, Tianjin University, China

Prof. Yen-Wei Chen, Ritsumeikan University, Japan

Prof. Huiyan Jiang, Northeastern University, China

Publication Chair

Assoc. Prof. Yingchun Guo, Hebei University of Technology, China

Dr. Lin Liu, University of Science and Technology Beijing, China

Publicity Chairs

Prof. Fang Zhang, Tiangong University, China

Assoc. Prof. Tomoko Tateyama, Fujita Hearth University, Japan

Assoc. Prof. Xu Qiao, Shandong University, China

Contact Chair

Prof. Limei Song, Tiangong University, China

Local Arrangement Chair

Assoc. Prof. Yanbei Liu, Tiangong University, China


Dr. Lei Huang, Capital Medical University, China

Technical Committee

Prof. Rita Casadio, University of Bologna, Italy

Prof. Yoshito Mekada, Chukyo University, Japan

Assoc. Prof. Xu Qiao, Shandong University, China

Assoc. Prof. Hongliang Ren, National University of Singapore, Singapore

Dr. Salmah Binti Karman, University of Malaya, Malaysia

Assoc. Prof. Rahul K. Kher, G H Patel College of Engineering & Technology, India

Assoc. Prof. Yoshito Otake, Nara Institute of Science and Technology, Japan

Asst. Prof. Dionysis Goularas, Yeditepe University, Turkey

Asst. Prof. Akhil Appu Shetty, Sahyadri College of Engineering & Management - Mangalore, India

Prof. Zhemin Zhuang, Shantou University, China

Dr. Albert K. Chong, University of Southern Queensland Toowoomba, Australia

Assoc. Prof. Ali Awad, Al-Azhar University, Palestine

Dr. Georgios Giannoukos, Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia

Assoc. Prof. Hua-Nong Ting, University of Malaya, Malaysia

Dr. Andi Wahju Rahardjo Emanuel, Universitas Atma Jaya Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Assoc. Prof. Tomio Goto, Nagoya Institute of Technology, Japan

Dr. Bin Xue, National University of Defense Technology, China

Prof. Cuiyun Gao, Anhui Jianzhu University, China

Assoc. Prof. Roberto Caldelli, National Interuniversity Consortium for Telecommunications, Italy

Prof. Alex Noel Joseph Raj, Shantou University, China

Assoc. Prof. Qiang Guo, Shandong University of Finance and Economics, China

Prof. Zhi-Ping Liu, Shandong University, China

Prof. Jingshan Huang, University of South Alabama, USA

Asst. Prof. Uzma Qaisar, University of the Punjab, Pakistan

Dr. Kamarulafizam Ismail, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Malaysia

Assoc. Prof. Ye Tian, Northeastern University, China

Dr. Paul Irofti, University of Bucharest, Romania

Assoc. Prof. Tomoko Tateyama, Shiga University, Japan

Dr. Yin Dai, Northeastern University, China

Assoc. Prof. Chen Li, Northeastern University, China

Asst. Prof. Setareh Rafatirad, University of California, USA

Assoc. Prof. Xiaoyu Cui, Northeastern University, China

Dr. Sayed Mohammad Hosseini, Johns Hopkins University, USA

Assoc. Prof. Tao Shi, Tianjin University of Technology, China

Dr. Guoping Xu, Wuhan Institute of Technology, China

Prof. Mohd Saberi Mohamad, United Arab Emirates University, UAE

Asst. Prof. Jiaqing Liu, Ritsumeikan University, Japan

Dr. Titinunt Kitrungrotsakul, Zhejiang Lab, China

Dr. Chan Chow Khuen, University of Malaya, Malaysia

Prof. Huabei Jiang, University of South Florida, USA

Asst. Prof. Ze Jin, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan

Dr. Yubing Tong, University of Pennsylvania, USA

Prof. Dong Chen, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, China

Call for paper

Important date

Draft paper submission deadline
Draft paper acceptance notification

Submission Topics

IMIP is an annually-held conference which aims to provide a communication platform for top technology leaders, scholars, engineers, scientists, leading industry leaders as well as graduate students to share ideas and discuss the latest technology in Intelligent Medicine and Image Processing or related fields. Authors are invited to submit original and not published papers.

Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

Smart Healthcare and Medical Informatics

Applications in Electronic Health Records
Biomedical Data Mining
Cloud Computing and Big Data for Healthcare
Collaboration Technologies for Healthcare
Medical Robotics
Mobile Applications for Healthcare
Nursing Information
Pattern Recognition
Computer Games for Healthcare
Health Information System
E-commerce in Health Informatics
Epidemiological Modeling
Health Informatics Education
Statistics and Quality of Medical Data
Survival Analysis and Health Hazard
Telecare and Telemedicine
Virtual and Augmented Reality for Healthcare
User-Interface Design for Medical Devices and Health Software
Mobile Health and Sensor Applications
Health Risk Evaluation & Modeling
Medical Informatics and Medical Records
Knowledge Bases and Health Data Mining
Data Computational Models and Telemedicine Treatment Effects
Data Mining and Bioinformatics
Medical Cyber Physical Systems
Databases and Integration of Biomedical Data
Bioinformatics and Healthcare Infrastructure
Computer-aided Detection and Diagnosis
Medical Image Data Mining and Processing
Information Security Technology
Intelligent Ward
Health Software Architecture, Framework, Design and Engineering
Medical Insurance Fraud Detection
Public Health Informatics
RFID Solutions for Healthcare

Medical Imaging and Image Processing

Computed Tomography
Positron Emission Tomography
Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Medical Image Processing
Medical Imaging Informatics
Image Processing
Image Segmentation
Image Registration
Image Reconstruction
Image Matching
Feature Extraction
Image Detection and Recognition
Shape Analysis
Hardware (FPGA, DSP, IC) for Image Processing
Machine Learning

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Important Date
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    Mar 17



    Mar 20


  • Dec 20 2022

    Draft paper submission deadline

  • Jan 20 2023

    Draft Paper Acceptance Notification

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