AboutCommunication, Networking and Broadcast Technologies; Computing and Processing; Power, Energy and Industry Applications
Keywords:Hybrid modeling and simulation,Co-Simulation of multi-domain systems,Ontologies for CPES,Applications of CPES,Distributed algorithms and control,Formal languages for CPES,Smart Grid and Smart Cities modeling,Design of simulationsexperiments for CPES,Data generation using CPES simulation for big data analytics,
Scope:Automation and digitalization have become important topics in the energy sector, as modern energy systems increasingly rely on communication and information technology to combine smart controls with hardware infrastructure. With the emergence of cyber–physical systems (CPS) as a transdisciplinary field, such modern energy systems can be classified as cyber–physical energy systems (CPES), integrating the related research and development within a broader scope. An important aspect of the R&D related to CPES is to bridge the gap between the traditional engineering domains and computer science. However, existing modeling and simulation tools still struggle to cover all aspects of CPES. Hence, a combination of universal modeling languages and established, domain-specific tools is necessary. New methods, tools and algorithms are needed that are compact, computationally inexpensive, potentially self-organizing and intrinsically stable if applied to real energy systems.
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