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Keywords:Powerenergy quality; Electromagnetic InterferenceElectromagnetic Compatibility, including the development of new standards for these frequency range. Analyzes especialy in three-phase systems need to be followed by progress in data acquisition and processing in the 70-150 kHz range. Contributions are required in the 2 (3) kHz-150 kHz frequency range including the development of new standards for these frequency ranges. An extension up to 30 MHz is de dorit. The workshop aims to contribute to t,
Scope:Considering the problems that have appeared lately related to power quality and electromagnetic interferences at low frequency, some debates must take place. There is still no clear delimitation between the higher frequency up to which power quality issues must be judged and from which lower frequency the phenomena of electromagnetic interference must be discussed. Consequently, the measures to reduce the unwanted effects, with influences on other electrical and electronic equipment, are not very clearly delimited. The filters used in the area of power quality do not coincide with those used to reduce low frequency emissions. Data measurement and processing involves high-performance data acquisition systems with different processing methods. The analysis in the field of power quality is mainly based on Fourier series (with frequency domain analysis), while analyzes related to the reduction of electromagnetic interference require combined analysis (time-frequency).
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