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Keywords:software sustainability,Patterns and anti-patterns,architecture design,Software adaptation,
Scope:The goal of green software engineering is to apply green principles to the design and operation of software-intensive systems. Green and self-greening software systems have tremendous potential to decrease energy consumption. Moreover, enterprise software can and should be re-thought to address sustainability issues using innovative business models, processes, and incentives. Monitoring and measuring the greenness of software is critical towards the notion of sustainable and green software. Demonstrating improvement is paramount for users to achieve and effect change. Analysis of the sustainability of a specific software system requires software that developers weigh four dimensions of sustainability – economic, social, environmental, and technical – with their attendant trade-offs. The software engineering community must assume leadership in this important challenge. In this workshop we will explore the themes of design representation, curriculum design, and standards.
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  • May 14


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  • May 14 2023

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