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Keywords:the role of different genders in software engineering education and research, the role of different genders in the software engineering industry,religion, disability, social and cultural differences,increasing gender equity,
Scope:ICT is pervasively influencing all human activities. bIn this context, more and more people of any age, gender and culture are exposed to these technologies and have to acquire some ability and skill. However the engagement of genders with ICT is not uniform. This gap is evident in the small percentage of women studying ICT-related subjects, being involved as researchers and professionals, in particular in covering top positions in professional and academic activities. At the same time, the community is realising that diversity, when it does not assume the negative aspects of discrimination, plays a key role to a successful and competitive context for software development and research. Such diversity is not only related to gender aspects but refers also to the combination of culture, religion and geographical distribution. The overall goal of this workshop is to improve the state of gender equality, and increase of inclusion and diversity principles in the software engineering communit
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