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4th CIYCEE will be held on Dec.8th~10th in SWJTU, Chengdu, China. This Conference will host multiple oral presentation and poster presentation sessions. All accepted papers will be presented in oral or poster sessions. Paper digest and poster abstract submissions are peer-reviewed. Conference content will be submitted for inclusion into IEEE Xplore as well as other Abstracting and Indexing (A&I) databases. 

Call for paper

Important date

Draft paper submission deadline

Technical papers are solicited on any subject pertaining to the scope of the conference, which includes, but is not limited to the following major topics:


  • ⮚  Renewable energy system

      1. Low carbon and carbon-neutral technology

      2. Renewable energy system planning, design, and operation

      3. Energy storage system application

      4. Other topics in renewable energy


  • ⮚  Power electronics technology and application

      1. Power converter topologies and design

      2. Modeling, simulation and control in power electronics

      3. Fault diagnosis and tolerance control of power electronic equipment

      4. Wide bandgap semiconductor technology

      5. Other topics in power electronics


  • ⮚  High voltage and insulation technology

      1. High voltage testing and measurement

      2. Sensing, monitoring and diagnostics

      3. High Voltage insulation technologies

      4. Other topics in high voltage and insulation technology


  • ⮚  Wireless power transfer technology

      1. Theories and techniques for wireless power transfer

      2. Devices and systems for short-distance wireless power transfer

      3. Other topics in wireless power transfer


  • ⮚  AI-driven technology

      1. Intelligent Anomaly Detection, Fault Diagnosis and Prognostics

      2. Intelligent sensing and data analytics for smart manufacturing

      3. Advanced sensing and intelligent computation

      4. Fault prognosis and life prediction


  • ⮚  Electric Machine Design and Control

      1. Electric machine design

      2. Electric machine control

      3. Other topics in electric machine

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Important Date
  • Conference Date

    Dec 08



    Dec 10


  • Nov 01 2023

    Draft paper submission deadline

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