It is a pleasure and an honor to invite you to attend the MedGU-23, which will be held in-person and online on 27 - 30 November 2023 in Istanbul, Turkey.

After the remarkable successes of the 1st CAJG2nd CAJG and 3rd CAJG, it became obvious that there was a need to create a larger and more comprehensive international geoscience conference, one that would bring together even more participants from all over the world and cover a wide range of topics from all the disciplines of the Earth and planetary sciences.

With this objective in mind and as a continuation of the overwhelming success of MedGU-21, and MedGU-22, the MedGU-23 will continue to be organized to provide a forum where scientists from the Mediterranean region and all over the world, especially researchers at the early stages of their careers, can be informed about the latest geosciences studies and discuss their latest unpublished findings with experts from the wide-ranging fields of Earth sciences.

Both the first MedGU-21 (Istanbul, Turkey) and the second MedGU-22 (Marrakech, Morocco) have attracted a great deal of interest with over 2600 abstract submissions from 95 countries. Top researchers from all fields of the geosciences presented their original work during each MedGU meeting: 200–250 participants in-person and 200–250 online.

During this MedGU-23, a number of prominent speakers will also be invited to give keynotes. Moreover, we are planning workshopscourses, a social program and field trips, where participants can take a little time out to explore the wonders of the geological sites of Turkey.

As with the previous MedGU-21 and MedGU-22 the latest research findings at MedGU-23 will be published in the conference proceedings by Springer in the IEREK ASTI Book Series (indexed in Scopus/SCImago) and in some special issues, with a clear mission to encourage greater scientific cooperation and to open doors to new and enriching collaborations between geoscientists on the opposite shores of the Mediterranean and from all over the world.

MedGU-23 is looking forward to cordially welcoming you in Istanbul... Your participation in-person or virtually will support MedGU’s mission of ensuring a sustainable future for humanity in the region and for the planet.

Join us for a memorable experience!

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The Mediterranean Geosciences Union organizes the 3rd MedGU at the Congress Center of the Istanbul Technical University (Turkey) in collaboration with other universities in the Mediterranean region and with Springer Nature as publishing partner. The proceedings (limited to 5 Word pages including figures and references) will be published in the Springer/IEREK ASTI Book Series (indexed in Scopus and SCImago) and extended papers will be published in Special Issues of journals (indexed in Scopus and Web of Science).

Visit our website ( to learn more about the event.

On this occasion, we are pleased to invite you to take part in the conference (in-person or virtually) and share/discuss your latest research findings.

MedGU-23 Keypoints:

  • MedGU-23 will go ahead in-person & online this november in Istanbul.
  • The MedGU Annual Meeting is one of the largest international geoscience meetings in the region (250 attended in-person the MedGU-22 and 200 online).
  • The MedGU Annual Meeting aims to provide a forum where geoscientists, especially early career researchers, can present and discuss their findings with experts in all fields of geosciences.
  • The MedGU-23 will take place on 27–30 November 2023 in Istanbul, Turkey.
  • It will go ahead in person but there will be a possibility to present online.
  •  It will feature talks and panels covering a diverse range of geoscience and geoscience-society topics.
  • Abstract submissions (max. 350 words) will be accepted until 10 June 2023. Please read the Guidelines.
  • The MedGU-23 encourages submissions of research works from all regions of the world. 
  • Contact us, if you need more information:

We invite you to come to Istanbul and participate in an exciting conference in a stimulating environment!


Submission Topics

  • Track 1. Atmospheric Sciences, Meteorology, Climatology, Oceanography
    Chair(s): Zhihua Zhang (China), Nabil Khelifi (Germany)
  • Track 2. Biogeochemistry, Geobiology, Geoecology, Geoagronomy
    Chair(s): Haroun Chenchouni (Algeria), Jesús Rodrigo-Comino (Spain)
  • Track 3. Earthquake Seismology and Geodesy
    Chair(s): Mourad Bezzeghoud (Portugal), Klaus Günter Hinzen (Germany), Luca Gasperini (Italy), Alina Polonia (Italy), Mustapha Meghraoui (France), Mehdi Eshagh (Sweden)
  • Track 4. Environmental Earth Sciences
    Chair(s): Amjad Kallel (Tunisia), Md Firoz Khan (Malaysia), Rahim Barzegar (Canada), Komali Kantamaneni (UK)
  • Track 5. Applied & Theoretical Geophysics
    Chair(s): Cesare Comina (Italy), Arkoprovo Biswas (India), Mourad Bezzeghoud (Portugal), Luca Gasperini (Italy)
  • Track 6. Geo-Informatics and Remote Sensing
    Chair(s): Dursun Zafer Şeker (Turkey), Hesham El-Askary (USA), Muhammad Al-Amin Hoque (Bangladesh)
  • Track 7. Geochemistry, Mineralogy, Petrology, Volcanology, Planetology
    Chair(s): Domenico Doronzo (Spain), Federico Lucci (Italy)
  • Track 8. Geological Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering
    Chair(s): Zeynal Abiddin Ergüler (Turkey)
  • Track 9. Geomorphology, Geography, Soil Science, Glaciology, Geoarchaeology, Geoheritage
    Chair(s): Jesús Rodrigo-Comino (Spain), Attila Çiner (Turkey)
  • Track 10. Hydrology, Hydrogeology, Hydrochemistry
    Chair(s): Helder Chaminé (Portugal), Imran Ali (India), Mingjie Chen (Oman), Tajudeen M. Iwalewa (USA)
  • Track 11. Marine Geosciences, Historical Geology, Paleoceanography, Paleoclimatology
    Chair(s): Attila Çiner (Turkey), Nabil Khelifi (Germany)
  • Track 12. Numerical and Analytical Methods in Mining Sciences and Geomechanics
    Chair(s): Murat Karakus (Australia), Ali Karrech (Australia)
  • Track 13. Petroleum and Energy Sciences and Engineering
    Chair(s): Santanu Banerjee (India), Ali Ghalambor (USA)
  • Track 14. Sedimentology, Stratigraphy, Paleontology, Geochronology
    Chair(s): Attila Çiner (Turkey)
  • Track 15. Structural Geology, Tectonics and Geodynamics, Petroleum Geology
    Chair(s): Ahmed Radwan (Poland), Afroz Ahmad Shah (Singapore), Wilfried Bauer (Oman), Zakaria Hamimi (Egypt)
  • Track 16. Special Session 1: 2023 Turkey–Syria earthquake
    Chair(s): Mustapha Meghraoui (France), Erhan Altunel (Turkey), Daniela Pantosti (Italie)



  • Your abstract should not exceed 350 words in total (max. 1 page) and should summarize concisely a new research study or a review of previously published research to draw new conclusions on a topic.
  • After acceptance of your abstract and invitation to extend it (optional not obligatory, i.e. you only need to extend your abstract if you wish to publish your work in the conference proceedings), your conference paper (extended abstract) should not exceed 5 Word pages in total (including figures and references). This 5-page paper will be peer reviewed after it has been checked for plagiarism using iThenticate software. If a plagiarism content is observed by the conference proceedings editors / track chairs (see Publications and Scientific Committee), you will be asked to rewrite and resubmit it. If the resubmitted version is still more than 20% plagiarized, it will be rejected.
  • After peer review and if the short conference paper is accepted by the editors, you will be asked to revise and correct it. After resubmission of the revised version, the editors will re-check the paper for quality and plagiarism and, if accepted, the corresponding author will be requested to sign Springer’s Consent-to-Publish form, prerequisite for publication in the conference proceedings. Please note that there may be more than one round of peer review.
  • After evaluating all presentations during the conference and taking into account the comments of the reviewers and editors during the pre-conference evaluation process, the authors of the best papers will be invited after the conference to submit an extended version (8 to 15 pages) of their short papers for publication in a special issue of one of our partnered Springer journals .Publishing your short paper in the conference proceedings by Springer does not prevent you from submitting the full version of the same work to one of our partnered Springer journals after the conference.
  • Your proceedings (short) paper must be improved based on the conference review process and on the discussion at the conference. At least 60% of the material in the journal paper (full version) should be new and the exposition improved. In general, conference papers are based on preliminary results which are open for discussion. However, journal articles should contain finished research results with an in-depth discussion and clear conclusions.
  • Authors of short papers accepted for publication in the proceedings and who do not plan to attend the conference or present online will not be invited to submit to the special issues.
  • It will be possible to present accepted studies online without attending the conference in person. Authors can now submit their abstract and decide later, before 15 September 2023, whether they want to attend and present to the audience directly or simply present online. More details on the “online presentation” feature will be provided after notification of acceptances.


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