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China Green Data Center Summit 2023

Event Background

Addressing climate change has become an urgent challenge facing human society in the 21st century, and promoting green development has become a global consensus. In December 2021, the National Development and Reform Commission and other four departments issued the "Implementation of the Implementation Plan for the Implementation of Carbon Neutrality Target Requirements to Promote the Green and High-quality Development of Data Centers and 5G and Other New Infrastructures" and proposed that the power utilization of new large and ultra-large data centers The efficiency (PUE value) is not higher than 1.3, and gradually carry out energy-saving and carbon-reducing transformation for data centers exceeding 1.5. By 2025, the average power utilization efficiency of newly built large and ultra-large data centers across the country will drop below 1.3, and the national hub nodes will further drop below 1.25. At the same time, with the rapid development of new-generation information technologies such as AI, 5G, cloud computing, and big data in the digital economy, data centers, as the "cornerstone" of digital transformation, have become an indispensable and important infrastructure for the operation of information systems in various industries, Play a vital role in the development of the digital economy.


The summit will focus on the theme of "Data Center Carbon Neutrality and Sustainable Development Road", by inviting government agencies and industry experts, from policy planning, standards, latest developments, corporate practices and latest low-carbon technologies of green data centers Solutions and other hot content to share practical cases, provide valuable information and technical guidance for enterprises to participate in the construction of green data centers and low-carbon transformation planning, and then let the industry more clearly understand the latest trends and challenges in the industry, seize opportunities, Coping with adjustments.



Event Date/ Location / Organizer

August 24-25, 2023 / Shanghai, China /ECV International


Hot topics

Interpretation of China Green Data Center Planning and Policy;

Under the Background of "Counting from East to West", Analysis of the Current Situation of Data Centers and Exploration of Green Development;

Under the Guidance of Carbon Neutrality Goals, How Can Enterprises Effectively Carry out Green Electricity and Green Certificate Transactions;

Strengthen Data Center Carbon Emission Management to Help Achieve Dual Carbon Goals;

Case Study- The Road to Carbon Neutrality in Data Centers;

Explore How Advanced Computing Networks Can Empower the Green Development of Data Centers;

Data Center Design and Optimization: Using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to Predict and Optimize Energy Consumption;

Application of Immersion Liquid Cooling Technology in Low-carbon Data Center;

Panel Discussion: Exploration and Practice of Sustainable Development of Data Centers in the Digital Era;

Using Digital Technology to Improve Data Center Energy Efficiency Management;

Unlocking the Vital Role of Clean Energy in Green Data Centers;

Exploration on Demand and Development Trend of Energy Storage Technology for Green Data Center;

Thermal Management and Warm Water-cooling Technology for Green Data Center;

Financing and Investment Opportunities for Carbon Neutral Data Center Development;

Waste Management and Resource Recovery in Green Data Centers;


Industry Sectors

Consulting firms 、Design services, electrical & electronic manufacturing 、Financial and banking services 、Computer hardware manufacturing 、Computer networking products 、Data infrastructure 、Cloud computing and big data 、Energy industry 、Cooling and air conditioning industry 、Information technology 、Internet of Things (IoT) 、Construction and architecture 、Environmental services 、Telecommunications industry 、Testing and certification services.


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