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Center of Gravity Trajectory Modeling and Structural Stability Health Evaluation of Reclaimer under Variable Load Conditions
reclaimer,kinematics simulation,center of gravity trajectory analysis
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Weichong Cao / Ltd.;CHNENERGY(Tianjin)Port Co.
Decai Li / tianjin university
Fengsheng Li / Ltd.;CHNENERGY(Tianjin)Port Co.
Lin Cheng / Tianjin University
Shuyan Guo / Tianjin University
国锋 王 / 天津大学
The center of gravity trajectory during the operation of a large device determines the stability of the entire machine. In response to the problem of structural instability caused by changes in the center of gravity during the operation of reclaimer, this paper proposes a method for modeling and simulating the center of gravity trajectory and evaluating the stability health under variable load conditions. The model and method are validated using wheel pressure tests on the reclaimer. By reconstructing the local structure of the model and updating its parameters, the changes in the center of gravity trajectory of the entire machine under the current state are obtained. Using the center of gravity trajectory of the machine after initial installation as a reference, the structural stability of the reclaimer under current conditions is evaluated for health, thereby avoiding accidents caused by center of gravity issues during operation.
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