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Structural Design of A Novel Quartz Tuning Fork Temperature Sensor with Optimized Sensitivity
quartz tuning fork,temperature sensor,vibration analysis,finite element method
Final Paper
Ziyu Wang / Xidian University
Qizhou Wang / Xidian University
Jing Zhu / Xidian University
Jialong Wang / Xidian University
Meng ZHAO / Xidian University
Jing JI / Xidian University
With the rapid development of science and technology, modern measurement and control systems have put forward higher requirements for temperature detection. It is a trend to develop new temperature sensors with small volume, high sensitivity, and low power consumption. Among many

temperature sensors, the research on piezoelectric quartz temperature sensors based on frequency signal output has attracted much attention, and under the demand for high precision measurement, quartz temperature sensors with thermal sensitivity are widely used. Therefore, a quartz tuning fork temperature sensor with high sensitivity and small volume is designed. The study aims to design a new electrode structure, propose a design method for a quartz tuning fork temperature sensor, complete resonance characteristic simulation, and optimize the dimensional parameters of the sensor structure. Simulation and analysis results show that the new quartz tuning fork temperature sensor with an optimized structure has excellent resonance characteristics and achieves miniaturization while improving sensitivity.
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