About Communication, Networking and Broadcast Technologies; Computing and Processing
Keywords:Distributed Systems,Parallel Computing,Edge Computing,Computer Architecture,Cloud Systems,Performance Prediction,Federated Learning and Reinforcement Learning,Crowd Sourcing and Parallel Acceleration,Localization and Cross-Technology Communication,Cyber Physical Security,Distributed Data Processing,
Scope:Topics of interest include, but are not limited to the following topic areas: Algorithm: parallel and distributed algorithm design and implementation Application: parallel and distributed applications, scalable data analytics, and applied machine learning Architecture: architectures for parallelism and distributed computing Performance: performance modeling and evaluation of parallel and distributed systems Security: security and privacy issues in parallel and distributed systems System: system software and middleware for parallel and distributed systems
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Call for paper

Submission Topics

Track 1: Algorithms & Architecture
• Algorithms for distributed control systems
• Algorithms for artificial intelligence
• Algorithms for network optimization
• Algorithms for databases and information retrieval
• Distributed/parallel algorithms and application
• Multi-core and massively parallel computing architectures

Track 2: Big data & Machine Learning Systems
• Algorithms for big data
• Big data applications
• Big data security and privacy
• Data analytics
• Distributed autonomous robotic systems
• Distributed and federated machine learning systems
• Machine learning for autonomous and trusted Vehicles

Track 3: Security & Block-chain
• Blockchain-based applications and services
• Blockchain security and privacy
• Security of NFT
• Blockchain in cyber physical systems
• Distributed database technology
• Scalability issues in blockchain
• Blockchain in edge and cloud computing
• Blockchain-based applications and services

Track 4: High-Performance Computing & Communications
• High performance computing theory
• High performance computing architectures
• System software and middleware
• Instruction-level and thread-level parallelism
• Performance modeling and evaluation
• Massively multicore systems
• Network and system architectures
• Multiscale simulations of complex systems
• Large-scale molecular dynamics simulations

Track 5: IoT & CPS
• Smart city applications
• Intelligent cyber-physical systems
• Cyber-physical social systems
• IoT, mobile and embedded architectures
• IoT security and privacy
• Industrial IoT
• Cyber-physical system security
• Model checking for autonomous and trusted vehicles
• Model-based system design for autonomous and trusted vehicles

Track 6: Cloud & Edge Computing
• Algorithms for cloud computing
• Edge Intelligence applications
• Cloud computing security
• Performance modeling and analysis of parallel or distributed computing
• Cloud programming models and tools
• Cloud and edge computing algorithms design
• Cloud and edge infrastructure management
• Deploying large-scale analytics
• Performance and scalability for cloud and edge
• Tools for cloud and edge

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