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Keywords:AI Technologies,Extended Reality,Virtual Reality,XRVR,AIXRVR,Deep learning for XRVR,Conversational non-player characters (NPCs),Statistical learning,Deep learning,Augmented reality,Mixed reality,
Scope:Systems, including techniques, performance, and implementation System components, virtual reality platforms AI platforms for VR/AR, cloud-based platforms Data generation, manipulation, analysis, and validation Tracking, physical environment mapping, registration Vision for VR/XR, deep learning for VR/XR Standards and theoretical models for AI and/or VR/XR Content creation and modelling Generation of immersive environments and virtual worlds Environments for gaming, simulation, training Visualization, optimized and realistic rendering Geometric modelling and design in immersive settings Animations, crowd-simulation, character modelling Customization and personalization (e.g., for training) Cognitive aspects, perception, user behaviour Semantic and cognitive aspects of virtual reality Depth perception, multimodal perception Behaviour and activity generation Representations of self (avatars), embodiment, presence Virtual agents
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