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About ICEGC 2023

The International Conference on Energy and Green Computing (ICEGC) focusing on the latest researches, developments, advances and new technologies in the fields of Energy Engineering, Engineering Technologies, IT Energy-aware Technologies, Green ICT Systems and Green Computing. The conference aims to disseminate novel ideas and emerging trends, research results and practical achievements. Original and high quality contributions are solicited, including theories, applications and experiments. The ICEGC is an opportunity to network, build up partnerships and exchange ideas with a variety of experienced researchers, developers and practitioners from several universities, research institutes, and academia

General Chair
  • BENHALA Bachir FSDM Fez, Morocco
Honory Committee
  • IJJAALI Mustapha President of Sidi Mohammed Ben Abdellah University Fez, Morocco
  • BENLEMILH Mohammed Dean of Faculty of Sciences Dhar El Mahraz Fez, Morocco
Publication Chairs
  • RAIHANI Abdelhadi ENSET Mohammedia, Morocco
  • SALLEM Amin ISGIS University of Sfax, Tunisia
Program Committee Chairs
  • PEREIRA Pedro Universidade NOVA Lisboa, Portugal
  • FAKHFAKH Mourad ENET'COM University of Sfax, Tunisia
  • MANSOURI Khalifa ENSET Mohammedia, Morocco
  • QBADOU Mohammed ENSET Mohammedia, Morocco
  • OUARSAL Rachid FSDM Fez, Morocco
  • DIDI abdessamad CNESTEN Rabat, Morocco
Advisory Chairs
  • BOUMHIDI Ismail FSDM Fez, Morocco
  • AIT MADI Abdessalam ENSA Kenitra, Morocco
  • CHAFOUK Houcine Normandy University of Rouen, France
  • SIADAT Ali Arts et Metiers ParisTech Metz, France
  • TARBOUCHI Mohammed Royal Military College, Canada
  • XIE Min College of Science and Engineering, Hong Kong
  • TAIRI Hamid FSDM Fez, Morocco
Stering Committee
  • BENSALEM Boukili FSDM Fez, Morocco
  • EL KHAILI Mohamed ENSET Mohammedia, Morocco
  • CHAIBI Noreddine FSDM Fez, Morocco
  • EL OUGLI Abdelghani FSDM Fez, Morocco
  • HAJJI Morad EST Meknes, Morocco
Technical Program Committee
  • ABDELKADER Hadj Dida Algerian Space Agency CDS Oran, Algeria
  • ABOUNAIMA Mohamed Chaouki FST Fez, Morocco
  • ABOUOBAIDA Hassan ENSA El Jadida, Morocco
  • ABOURA Faouzi USTHB Alger, Algeria
  • ABUSHARIAH Mohammad King Abdullah II School of IT, Jordan
  • ACHAOUI Younes FS Meknes, Morocco
  • ACHEMLAL Driss FP Taza, Morocco
  • ACHOUYAB El Hassan ENSET Mohammedia, Morocco
  • AGHOUTANE Badraddine FS Meknes, Morocco
  • AGOUJIL Said FST Errachidia, Morocco
  • AHFIR Rachid FSDM Fez, Morocco
  • AILANE Abdellah ENSA Khouribga, Morocco
  • AISSAOUI Mohammed ENSA Oujda, Morocco
  • AIT LAFKIH Mustapha FST Beni-Mellal, Morocco
  • AIT MADI Abdessalam ENSA Kenitra, Morocco
  • AIT TALEB Abdelmajid ENSAM Meknes, Morocco
  • AMARI Aziz FS Rabat, Morocco
  • AMSIL Hamid CNESTEN Rabat, Morocco
  • ASSIR Abdelhadi FST Settat, Morocco
  • BAATAOUI Aziz FST Errachidia, Morocco
  • BABOLI Armand INSA de Lyon, France
  • BAGHAZ Elhadi FS El Jadida, Morocco
  • BAHATTI Lhoussain ENSET Mohammedia, Morocco
  • BAHSINE Saida FP Safi, Morocco
  • BAJJOU Omar FST Beni Mellal, Morocco
  • BAKARI Dikra ENSA Oujda UMP, Morocco
  • BALOUKI Youssef Hassan First University, Morocco
  • BARDANE Adil FSDM Fez, Morocco
  • BASSATTO Samuel-jean Ecole Polytechnique de Montréal, Canada
  • BEJJIT Lahcen EST Meknes, Morocco
  • BELLAHSENE Hocine Bejaia University, Algeria
  • BENCHEIKH Mohamed FSDM Fez, Morocco
  • BENHALA Bachir FSDM Fez, Morocco
  • BENHLIMA Said FS Meknes, Morocco
  • BENNIS Hamid EST Meknes, Morocco
  • BENSLIMANE Mohamed EST Fez, Morocco
  • BIERLAIRE Michel Ecole Polytechnique of Lausanne, Swiss
  • BORUTZKY Wolfgang Bonn Rhein-Sieg University, Germany
  • BOSSOUFI Badre FS Fez, Morocco
  • BOUATTANE Omar ENSET Mohammedia, Morocco
  • BOUHOU Samira FSDM Fez, Morocco
  • BOUKHELIFA Akkila USTHB Alger, Algeria
  • BOUKHLIFI Fatima FS Meknes, Morocco
  • BOUKILI Bensalem FSDM Fez, Morocco
  • BOULAALAM Abdelhak ENSA Fez, Morocco
  • BOUMHIDI Jaouad FS Fez, Morocco
  • BOUNOUIRA Hamid CNESTEN Rabat, Morocco
  • BOUTEJDAR Ahmed DFG- Braunschweig-Bonn, Germany
  • BOUVRY Pascal University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg
  • BRI Seddik EST Meknes, Morocco
  • BROURI Adil ENSAM Meknes, Morocco
  • BYBI Abdelmajid EST Salé, Morocco
  • CERNAT Mihai Transilvania University of Braşov, Romania
  • CHAABANE Amin ÉTS Montreal, Canada
  • CHAABANE Lamiche University of M sila, Algeria
  • CHAABELASRI Elmiloud FS Oujda, Morocco
  • CHAFOUK Houcine Normandy University of Rouen, France
  • CHAHMI Abdelghani ST University Oran, Algeria
  • CHAIBI Noreddine FSDM Fez, Morocco
  • CHAKER ALOUI Nadia University of Sfax, Tunisia
  • CHAKIR Loqman FSDM Fez, Morocco
  • CHALH Zakaria ENSA Fez, Morocco
  • CHAOUI Mondher ISGI Sfax, Tunisia
  • CHARAF MY El Hassan FS Kenitra, Morocco
  • CHARQI Mohammed FSDM Fez, Morocco
  • CHATER El Ayachi EST Salé, Morocco
  • CHERRADI Bouchaib CRMEF El Jadida, Morocco
  • CHIHAB Younes Ibn Tofail University, Morocco
  • CHUN Tae-won University of ULSAN, South Korea
  • DANDACHE Abbas University of Lorraine, France
  • DAS Sudipta University of Bengal, India
  • DEROUICH Aziz EST Fez, Morocco
  • DIB Faiza FST Al-Hoceima, Morocco
  • DIDI abdessamad CNESTEN Rabat, Morocco
  • DIEULOT Jean-Yves University of Lille, France
  • DOLGUI Alexandre IMT Atlantique LS2N, France
  • ED-DAHHAK Abdelali EST Meknes, Morocco
  • EDUARDO SOUZA de Cursi INSA Rouen, France
  • EL ABDERRAHMANI Abdellatif FSDM Fez, Morocco
  • EL AKCHIOUI Nabil FST Al-Hoceima, Morocco
  • EL AKKAD Nabil ENSA Fez, Morocco
  • EL AKKARY Ahmed EST Salé, Morocco
  • EL ALAMI Rachid FSDM Fez, Morocco
  • EL AMRANI Aumeur FST Errachidia, Morocco
  • EL AMRAOUI Mohamed FS Meknes, Morocco
  • EL BACHTIRI Rachid EST Fez, Morocco
  • EL BAKKALI Abdelmajid FST Errachidia, Morocco
  • EL BAKRI Ayoub FSDM Fez, Morocco
  • EL BANNAY Omar ENSA Khouribga, Morocco
  • EL BELRHITI EL ALAOUI Abdelbaki FS Meknes, Morocco
  • EL BOUZDOUDI Brahim FST Al-Hoceima, Morocco
  • EL FADIL Hassan ENSA Kenitra, Morocco
  • EL GHZAOUI Mohammed FSDM Fez, Morocco
  • EL GOURI Rachid ENSA Kenitra, Morocco
  • EL KHAILI Mohamed ENSET Mohammedia, Morocco
  • EL MAGRI Abdelmounime ENSET Mohammedia, Morocco
  • EL MALKI Zakaria EST Meknes, Morocco
  • EL MARKHI Hassane FST Fez, Morocco
  • EL MHOUTI Abderrahim FST Al-Hoceima, Morocco
  • EL MOUTAOUAKIL Karim FP Taza, Morocco
  • EL OUADGHIRI Driss FS Meknes, Morocco
  • EL OUGLI Abdelghani FSDM Fez, Morocco
  • EL YAAKOUBI Ali FSDM Fez, Morocco
  • EL YASSINI Khalid FS Meknes, Morocco
  • EL-GHAZALI Talbi University of Lille, France
  • ELBAHJAOUI Mohammed Radouane FSDM Fez, Morocco
  • ELÇI Atilla Aksaray University, Turkey
  • ELRHAFFARI Younes EST Salé, Morocco
  • ESSAOUDI Ismaïl FS Meknes, Morocco
  • ESTEBAN Tlelo Cuautle INAOE, Mexico
  • ETIENNE Alain ENSAM, France
  • EZ ZOUBI Yassine FST Al-Hoceima, Morocco
  • FAKHFAKH Mourad ENET'COM University of Sfax, Tunisia
  • FAKRACH Brahim FS Meknes, Morocco
  • FALYOUNI Farid FS Oujda, Morocco
  • FAREH Raouf University of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates (UAE)
  • FARHAT Sadik EST Agadir, Morocco
  • FRI Abdelaziz EST Fez, Morocco
  • GHABBOUR Nabil Polydiscilinary Faculty of Taza, Morocco
  • GIRI Fouad University of Caen Normandie (UNICAEN) France
  • GRAÑA Manuel University of the Basque Country, San Sebastian, Spain
  • GUERBAOUI Mohammed EST Meknes, Morocco
  • HABIB-UR Rehman American University of Sharjah, UAE
  • HACHEM El-Kaber FS Meknes, Morocco
  • HADDOUCH Khalid ENSA Fez, Morocco
  • HADJ DIDA Abdelkader Algerian Space Agency ASAL, Algeria
  • HAJJI Morad EST Meknes, Morocco
  • HAIDI Touria EHTP Casablanca, Morocco
  • HALAQ Hanan FSDM Fez, Morocco
  • HAMDANI Samir USTHB Alger, Algeria
  • HANAFI Ahmed EST Fez, Morocco
  • HASNAOUI My Lahcen EST Meknes, Morocco
  • HIRECH Kamal FS Oujda, Morocco
  • IBRIZ Abdelali EST Fez, Morocco
  • IDRISSI Said FP Safi, Morocco
  • ISAAD Jalal FST Al-Hoceima, Morocco
  • JAKJOUD Hicham Ibn Zohr Univeristy Agadir, Morocco
  • JEGHAL Adil ENSA Fez, Morocco
  • JMAL Mohamed Wassim University of Sfax, Tunisia
  • KAABAL Abdelmoumen FST Al-Hoceima, Morocco
  • KADHIM HUSSEIN Ahmed Babylon University HIILA, IRAQ
  • KAHAJI Abdelilah ENSA Agadir, Morocco
  • KALLEL Mohamed ESSE Laboratory Sfax, Tunisia
  • KAMMOUNI Abdelkhalek FS Meknes, Morocco
  • KARATZA Helen Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece
  • KARIM Mohammed FSDM Fes, Morocco
  • KERKOUR Elmiad Aissa FS Oujda, Morocco
  • KHABBAZI Abdelhamid EST Salé, Morocco
  • KHALILI Tajeddine ENSET Mohammedia, Morocco
  • KHALIS Mohamed FS Meknes, Morocco
  • KHAMAR Lhachmi ENSA Khouribga, Morocco
  • KHIAT Azeddine ENSET Mohammedia, Morocco
  • KHOUMSI Ahmed University Of Sherbrooke, Canada
  • KOTTI Mouna University of Gabes, Tunisia
  • KRIM Mustapha ISSS, Hassan Ier University, Morocco
  • KRIRIM Said EST Guelmim, Morocco
  • LAAROUSSI Najma EST Salé, Morocco
  • LACHHAB Abdeslam EST Meknes, Morocco
  • LAGRIOUI Ahmed ENSAM Meknes, Morocco
  • LAHLOUH Ilyas EST Salé, Morocco
  • LAJOUAD Rachid ENSET Mohammedia, Morocco
  • LAMHAMDI Tijani FST Fez, Morocco
  • LEJDEL Brahim University of EL-Oued, Algeria
  • LHOUSSINE Bahatti ENSET Mohammedia, Morocco
  • LOPES Rui-Amaral Universidade NOVA de Lisboa, Portugal
  • MACHADO DA SILVA José University of Porto, Portugal
  • MAKHLOUFI Abderrahman INSA Rouen, France
  • MANSOURI Khalifa ENSET Mohammedia, Morocco
  • MARTIN-CERVANTES Pedro A. University of Almería, Spain
  • MASMOUDI Mohamed ENIS Sfax, Tunisia
  • MASMOUDI Nouri ENIS Sfax, Tunisia
  • MASSAR Mohammed FST Al-Hoceima, Morocco
  • MELHAOUI Mustapha FST Marrakech, Morocco
  • MERDACI Slimane, University of -Sidi Bel Abbés, Algeria
  • MERROUNI ALAMI Ahmed FS Oujda, Morocco
  • MESBAHI Abdelouahed ENSEM Casablanca, Morocco
  • MOHD Ashraf ahmad FEEET, Malaysia
  • MOUHSEN Azeddine FST Settat, Morocco
  • MOUMEN Aniss ENSA Kenitra, Morocco
  • NFAOUI El habib FS Fez, Morocco
  • OTMANI Samira FS Agadir, Morocco
  • OUARSAL Rachid FSDM Fez, Morocco
  • OUAZZANI CHAHIDI Laila FSDM Fez, Morocco
  • OUDGHIRI HASSANI Hicham FSDM Fez, Morocco
  • OUGHDIR Lahcen ENSA Fez, Morocco
  • OUKILI Mohamed FST Marrakech, Morocco
  • OULD BOUAMAMA Belkacem University of Lille, France
  • PEREIRA Pedro Universidade NOVA Lisboa, Portugal
  • QBADOU Mohammed ENSET Mohammedia, Morocco
  • RAHMANI Abdelhai FS Meknes, Morocco
  • RAIHANI Abdelhadi ENSET Mohammedia, Morocco
  • RAKHA Hesham Virginia Tech, United States
  • RANJIT Singh Sarban Singh University Teknikal Malaysia Melaka, Malaysia
  • REBBANI Ahmed ENSET Mohammedia, Morocco
  • RHOFIR Karim ENSA Khouribga, Morocco
  • RRHIOUA Abdeslem FS Oujda UMP, Morocco
  • RUI AMARAL Lopes UNINOVA Lisbon, Portugal
  • RZINE Bouchra FST Fez, Morocco
  • SAADANE Rachid EHTP Casablanca, Morocco
  • SAADI Adil ENSAM Meknes, Morocco
  • SABBANE Mohamed FS Meknes, Morocco
  • SABER Hadj Abdallah ESSE Laboratory Sfax, Tunisia
  • SALLEM Amin ISGIS University of Sfax, Tunisia
  • SARI-TRIQUI Lamia University of Tlemcen, Algeria
  • SATORI Hassan FSDM Fez, Morocco
  • SBAI Khalid EST Meknes, Morocco
  • SEFRITI Selma FSDM Fez, Morocco
  • SELMANI Abdelouahad ENSA Safi, Morocco
  • SENHAJI HAFID Abdelhakim University of Montreal, Canada
  • SENHAJI Saloua UPF Fez, Morocco
  • SIADAT Ali Arts et Metiers ParisTech Metz, France
  • SMOLARZ Andrzej University of Lublin, Poland
  • TARBOUCHI Mohammed Royal Military College, Canada
  • TAZI El Bachir FP Taza, Morocco
  • TISSIR El Houssaine FSDM Fez, Morocco
  • TOUNSI Souhir Sfax University, Tunisia
  • VALLS-MARTINEZ Maria del Carmen University of Almería, Spain
  • XIE Min College of Science and Engineering, Hong Kong
  • YADEN Mohammed Faysal ENSAM Meknes, Morocco
  • YAHYA Abdelhafid EST Meknes, Morocco
  • YOUSSFI Mohamed ENSET Mohammedia, Morocco
  • ZAGGAF Hicham Mohammed ENSET Mohammedia, Morocco
  • ZÁSKALICKÝ Pavel Technical University of Kosice, Slovakia
  • ZKHNINI Samira FST Al-Hoceima, Morocco
  • ZORKANI Izeddine FS Fez, Morocco
  • ZYSKA Tomas University of Lublin, Poland
PhD Student Committee
  • Abdennabi MORCHID
  • ABI Soufiane
  • BOUALI Hamid
  • EL KARKRI Anass
  • EL MHAMEDI Imane
  • HAMIDANE Hafsa
  • RKIK Ilyas
  • Yattou EL FADILI
Call for paper

Important date

Draft paper submission deadline
Final paper submission deadline

Submission Topics

List of Topics
Original papers are solicited in subjects including, but not limited to the following:
Energy Engineering
  • Sustainable and Renewable Energy
  • Photovoltaic Systems and Materials
  • Concentrating Solar Thermal Power
  • Smart Grid and Microgrids
  • Biomass Conversion Technologies
  • Biofuels / Biofuel Cells
  • Electric Drives, Electric Vehicles
  • Electricity Storage
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility
  • Energy Efficiency / Energy Harvesting
  • Power System Control and Stability
  • Renewable Energy for IT Equipments
  • Material Science
  • Energy Conservation, Energy Conversion, Hybrid Energy Systems
  • Thermal Energy and Power Engineering
  • Nuclear, Wind, Solar, Geothermal, Hydropower and Biomass Energies
  • Medical Physics, Nuclear techniques, Beam Application, Radioactivity
Green Computing
  • Energy-aware Computing
  • Energy-efficient Network Services and Operations
  • Energy-efficient Mass Data Storage and Processing
  • Green IT Metrics, Maturity Models, Standards, and Regulations
  • Green Networking and Communication
  • Using IT to Reduce Carbon Emissions
  • Sustainable Computing and Systems
  • Renewable Energy Models and Prediction
  • Power-aware Algorithms and Protocols
  • Optimization of Energy-Efficient Protocols
  • Green Business Process Reengineering and Management
  • Matching Energy Supply and Demand
  • Climate and Ecosystem Monitoring
  • IT Solutions for Sustainable Agriculture
  • Smart Manufacturing and Industrial IoT
  • Green Technology
  • Education for Sustainable Development
Chemical Engineering
  • Chemical Reaction Engineering and Catalysis
  • Electrochemical Engineering
  • Polymer Engineering
  • Environmental Chemistry
  • Biochemistry
  • Green Chemistry Technology
  • Cleaner Production
  • Chemical Process Systems and Information Engineering
Environmental Engineering
  • Atmospheric Science and Air Pollution Control
  • Water Resources Management and Water Pollution Control
  • Solid Waste Pollution Control and Resource Utilization
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Ecological Engineering, Sustainable Cities
  • Environmental Science and Technology
  • Construction and Building Materials
  • Smart Buildings and Urban Development
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Important Date
  • Conference Date

    Nov 23



    Nov 24


  • Jul 25 2023

    Draft paper submission deadline

  • Oct 20 2023

    Final Paper Deadline

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