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The International Conference on Innovative Research in Applied Science, Engineering and Technology (IRASET) focusing on the latest researches, developments, advances and new technologies in the fields of Computer Science, Information Technology, Signal Processing, Emerging Technologies, Wireless Communications, Smart Grid and Green Communications. The conference aims to disseminate novel ideas and emerging trends, research results and practical achievements. Original and high quality contributions are solicited, including theories, applications and experiments. The IRASET is an opportunity to network, build up partnerships and exchange ideas with a variety of experienced researchers, developers and practitioners from several universities, research institutes, and academia.

The IRASET’2024 conference will be held at the Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah University, Faculty of Sciences Dhar El Mahraz, Fez, Morocco on May 16-17, 2024 .


General Chair
BENHALA Bachir FSDM, Fez, Morocco (IEEE Senior Member)

Program Chairs
KOBBANE abdellatif ENSIAS Rabat, Morocco (IEEE Senior Member)
FAKHFAKH Mourad ENET'COM Univeristy of Sfax, Tunisia (IEEE Senior Member)
TARBOUCHI Mohammed RMC, Canada (IEEE Senior Member)
RAIHANI Abdelhadi ENSET Mohammedia, Morocco (IEEE Member)

Advisory Chairs
XIE Min CSE, Hong Kong (IEEE Fellow Member)
KARATZA Helen Aristotle University, Greece (IEEE Senior Member)
SIADAT Ali Arts et Metiers ParisTech Metz, France (IEEE Senior Member)
MANSOURI Khalifa ENSET Mohammedia, Morocco (IEEE Member)

International Advisory Committee
RAHIMI Ramy Anas CNU, south Korea (IEEE Member)
BENSLIMANE Abderrahim Avignon University, France (IEEE Senior Member)
KHATAB Abdelhakim Université de Lorraine, France (IEEE Senior Member)
ABUSHARIAH Mohammad King Abdullah II School of IT Jordan
BOUVRY Pascal University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg
EDUARDO Souza de Cursi INSA Rouen, France
EL-GHAZALI Talbi University of Lille, France
ELÇI Atilla Aksaray University, Turkey
KADHIM Hussein Ahmed Babylon University HIILA, IRAQ
MASMOUDI Mohamed National Engineering School of Sfax, Tunisia
PEREIRA Pedro Universidade NOVA Lisboa, Portugal
SENHAJI HAFID Abdelhakim University of Montreal, Canada
CHAFOUK Houcine Normandy University of Rouen, France
UMASHANKAR Subramaniam University Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Honory Committee
MUSTAPHA IJJAALI President of Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah University Fez
MOHAMMED BENLEMILH Dean of Faculty of Sciences Dhar El Mahraz, Fez

Publication Chairs
QBADOU Mohammed ENSET Mohammedia, Morocco (IEEE Member)
AIT MADI Abdessalam ENSA Kenitra, Morocco (IEEE Member)
EL KHAILI Mohamed ENSET Mohammedia, Morocco (IEEE Member)
SEMLALI Naoual EMI Rabat, Morocco (IEEE Member)

National Advisory Committee
BOUMHIDI Ismail FSDM Fez, Morocco (IEEE Member)
TAIRI Hamid FSDM Fez, Morocco (IEEE Member)
ZBITOU Jamal FST Settat, Morocco (IEEE Member)
KARIM Mohammed FSDM Fez, Morocco
BAGHDAD Abdennaceur FST Mohammedia , Morocco
BENHLIMA Said FS Meknes, Morocco
LACHHAB Abdeslam EST Meknes, Morocco
SABBANE Mohamed FS Meknes, Morocco
BEJJIT Lahcen EST Meknes, Morocco
BRI Seddik EST Meknes, Morocco
AGHOUTANE Badraddine FS Meknes, Morocco
YOUSSFI Mohamed ENSET Mohammedia, Morocco
SATORI Hassan FSDM Fez, Morocco
EL FADIL Hassan ENSA Kenitra, Morocco
MOUMEN Aniss ENSA Kenitra, Morocco
GUERBAOUI Mohammed EST Meknes, Morocco

Call for paper

Important date

Draft paper submission deadline

Submission Topics

Track 1:
Computer Science and Information Technology

  • Agent Based Systems, Expert Systems
  • Computer System Design, Performance Evaluation
  • Computer Vision, Computer Graphics, Computer Security
  • Internet Architecture and Applications,
  • Software Tools/Theory and Applications
  • Computational Science and Technology
  • Design System and Algorithm
  • E-commerce and E-government
  • Human-Computer Interaction, Natural Language Processing 
  • Information Systems and Technology
  • Modeling and Simulation
  • Pattern Recognition and Information Retrieval
  • Coding Theory, Cryptography
  • Security and Wireless Network Technologies

Track 2:
Signal Processing, Control, Automation

  • Adaptive Control, Robust Control, Co-operative Control
  • Biomedical Instrumentation and Applications
  • Electric, Electronic Devices/Design and System
  • Design, Modeling, Control of Motion Systems
  • Electric Vehicles, Transportation, Logistic Engineering
  • Fuzzy Control, Intelligent Control, Mechatronics
  • Mechatronic System Design and Automation
  • Planning, Scheduling, Coordination
  • Sensor networks, Multi-agent Systems
  • Sensors, Actuators, Robotics
  • Image, Video and Speech Processing
  • Analog and Digital Signal Processing
  • Material Science, Smart and Intelligent Materials
  • System Identification and Modelling

Track 3:
Artificial Intelligence and Optimization tools

  • Big Data, Data Mining, Knowledge Representation
  • Blockchain for AI
  • Fuzzy and Expert Systems,
  • Human Computer Interaction and Virtual Reality
  • Machine and Deep Learning, Behavior Analytics
  • Mobile, Cloud Computing and Virtualization
  • Serious Games, Internet Of Things
  • Supervised, Unsupervised, and Reinforcement Learning
  • Combinatorial Optimization, Operational Research
  • Mathematical Programming, Numerical Methods
  • Meta-heuristic Optimization Techniques
  • Parallel and Distributed Computing, Hybrid Algorithms
  • Bio-inspired Computations and Neural Networks
  • Computational Intelligence, Evolutionary Computing algorithms
  • Dynamic/Continuous/Multi-Objective Optimization

Track 4:
Smart Systems and Emerging Technologies

  • Embedded SmartX Objects,
  • Security Models and Security Policies for Smart Systems,
  • Smart Buildings, Smart Campus, and Smart Cities
  • Intelligent Transportation and Smart Mobility
  • Smart Robotics and Industry 4.0
  • Smart Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management
  • Network Applications and Convergence of IT and Telecom Networks
  • Multiple Access Techniques/Protocols for Smart System Communications
  • Smart and Connected Health
  • Smart Education and E-learning: Systems and Technologies
  • Geographic Information Systems
  • Knowledge Management
  • Social Computing, Social Implications for IoT Intelligent
  • Augmented Reality

Track 5:
Embedded Systems and Wireless Communications

  • Electronics Devices/Design and System
  • Embedded based RF Circuits, Mobile Embedded Systems
  • Hardware/Software Design Automation for AI Systems
  • Real-Time Embedded Systems, Networked Embedded Systems
  • RFID systems, Antenna Design and Optimization
  • Beyond 5G and 6G
  • IoT Wireless Networking
  • Modulation, Coding, Diversity, Equalization, Synchronization
  • MIMO, Massive MIMO and Cloud-RAN
  • Cooperative, Device-to-Device and Multi-hop Communication
  • Ultra-wideband, mmWave and sub-THz Communication
  • Information-Theoretic Aspects of Wireless Communications
  • Advanced Technologies in Telecommunications and Information Systems
  • Telecommunications and Microelectronics Basic Technology

Track 6:
Smart Grid and Green Communications

  • Renewable Energy and Sustainability Management
  • Smart Systems for Sustainable Development
  • Smart Grid, Smart Metering and IIoT
  • Energy Efficiency, Sustainable Energy
  • Energy Storage Materials
  • Grid Computing
  • Smart Grids Management and Control
  • Smart Grids and Social Infrastructure Challenges
  • Advanced IT Energy-Aware Technologies
  • Energy-Efficient Communication Protocols/Networking
  • Power Management
  • Green Performance Metrics
  • Systems and Computing for Electric Vehicle
  • Sustainable Computing and Systems
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    May 16



    May 17


  • Dec 18 2023

    Draft paper submission deadline

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