As stated in the 14th Five-Year Plan, innovation remains at the heart of China’s modernization drive. The development of science and technology has increasingly assumed strategic importance for China’s national development. It is crucial to build cutting-edge technologies to spur economic growth, meet the country’s critical needs, and improve people’s health. The success in building a science and technology giant hinges on the development of science and education, talent building, and innovation, including institutional support for innovation. Globally, science and technology have been playing an increasingly important role in social and economic development, making innovation-boosted development an inevitable trend. As a new round of technological revolution and industrial reforms takes shape, a stronger momentum for innovative breakthroughs is witnessed in some scientific difficulties and core and key technologies. In the global arena of technological competition, only the innovator can forge ahead, stand out and savor the victory. In some technical fields, China has now evolved from a nation that “catches up” to one that “runs along” and even “takes the lead.” Nevertheless, we should be keenly aware that our foundation for technological innovation is weak, and the gap we have with developed countries in the innovative strength, especially in some technological fronts, is alarmingly widening. Therefore, it is a priority to improve our innovation strength and create an innovation-encouraging environment in our initiative to build an innovation-driven country and a world-leading technological power.

The 5th International Academic Exchange Conference on Science and Technology Innovation (IAECST 2023). with the theme “Technology Innovation in AI+New Energy,” pools together talents from around the globe and provides a platform for high-level exchange between enterprises, universities and research institutes, with a vision to advance academic research, boost innovation-driven development, and achieve mutual complementarity. The conference aims to expedite the construction of an international center for technology and innovation in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area, propel the dissemination of major innovative research results in China, such as new generation artificial intelligence, quantum information, integrated circuits, biomedicine and modern energy systems. Through the integration of technological resources, collaboration among enterprises, universities and research institutes, the conference will serve as strong support for economic growth and industrial upgrading in the Greater Bay Area. The conference is to be held on December 08-10, 2023, in Guangzhou China, as a virtual conference. Leading experts in the fields and industry professionals will be invited to give reports. This year, IAECST 2022 will focus on the latest research and technology of Intelligent Computing and Data Science, to discuss the innovation and development in the field, to gather a forum for students, scholars, engineers, participants to give a report, share the idea as well as to communicate to each other. We look forward to seeing you — experts, researchers and professionals engaged in different fields, at the grand event of IAECST 2023.

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IAECST 2023 will focus on the Technology Innovation in AI+New Energy this year, topics including as following:


Information and Computer Technologies

Artificial Intelligence

Big Data

Software Engineering

Computer Engineering


Communication Network

Mobile & Wireless Networks

Internet of Things

Optical Networking and Applications

Green, energy efficient and sustainable networking

Security and privacy

Control and Circuit

Robot and Mobile Robot

Control Systems

Digital Signal Processing

Image Processing


Power and Renewable Energy Engineering

New energy applications

enewable energy utilizations

Energy efficient systems

Power system technology

Power electronics

Interdisciplinary Topic

Remote Health Monitoring and Prediction Systems

Smart city

Smart Transportation

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