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The 2nd Europe Green Packaging Innovation Summit 2024


Date: April 24-25, 2024

Place: Frankfurt, Germany

Organizer: ECV International

Tickets: Offline (On-site) &Online (Live Broadcast).

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Climate change and environmental degradation are existential threat to Europe and the world. To overcome these challenges, the European Green Deal will transform the EU into a modern, resource-efficient and competitive economy. How green packaging fits Europe’s transition to more efficient and circular economy?

This event promises insights and strategies to address the challenges and opportunities shaping the packaging landscape. Our conference will feature thought-provoking discussions and interactive sessions aimed at  aligning business, regulation and society around a circular, net zero packaging ecosystem to propel the industry forward.



Hot Points

  • Towards 2030, European Packaging Policies.
  • European Regulatory Landscape and the Shaping of the PPWR.
  • New Initiative Enabling Circular Plastics Economy.
  • Develop Systemic Solutions to Improve the Recyclability of Paper-based Packaging.
  • Reduce the Carbon Footprint of Aluminum Packaging with Secondary Aluminum.
  • Packaging Value Chain Decarbonization.



Hot Topics

  • Food Contact Packaging: Regulatory Compliance and Food Safety Matters.
  • LCA Approach to Reduce Packaging’s Carbon Footprint.
  • Towards Circularity of PCR Flexible Packaging in Europe.
  • Recent Advancements in Polymer Designs for Sustainable Packaging.
  • Sustainability in Packaging : Inside the Minds of Consumers.
  • How can Recycle-ready Packaging Fit into a Circular Economy while Meeting Consumers’ Demand.
  • Sustainable Plastics Packaging under EU Legislation.
  • Towards Zero Waste: Sustainable Waste Management and Carbon Neutrality in Packaging.
  • Fireside Talk: Transforming the New Plastics Economy—How the Future Sustainable Plastics will Evolve?
  • ......and more topics


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ECV International is a leading organizer of high-end international events of all sizes with 100+ experts on industry research, event planning and management. We have successfully held a series of packaging industry summits, including Europe Green Packaging Innovation Summit 2023, The 2nd Asia Green Packaging Innovation Summit 2023, The 2nd China Green Packaging Innovation Summit 2023, Asia Green Packaging Innovation Summit 2022,  China Green Packaging Innovation Summit 2022 .

In previous summits, we have invited leaders from Roland Berger, Coca-Cola/Europen, Metal Packaging Europe, L'Oreal, Henkel, EXPRA, Kantar, Cartonplast, KPMG, Philips, European Commission, Nestlé, Unilever, Tomra, Frieslandcampina, Migros-Genossenschafts-Bund,The Carbon Trust, Electrolux, PPG etc. to attend and share the latest trends and case studies of green packaging.

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