Following the success of previous editions, the 10th International Conference on Control, Automation and Robotics (ICCAR) will be held at Singapore during April 27-29, 2024.

ICCAR 2024 is co-sponsored by Singapore Institute of ElectronicsIEEE Robotics and Automation Society and IEEE, hosted by Singapore Institute of Electronics, supported by Beihang University, University of Essex, United Kingdom, Concordia University, Canada, University of Science and Technology of China, China, Politecnico di Milano, Italy, etc.

This conference will deeply explore the research status and developmental trends in the fields of intelligent robots, automation, control science, and signal processing from both theoretical and practical perspectives. We will offer a comprehensive, high-quality technical program, featuring six special sessions, and provide delegates with the opportunity to connect and network with accomplished professionals from around the world.

ICCAR wishes to encourage academic excellence for young people in this field. Therefore, the organizing committee initiated several awards to raise the importance of academic achievement in our future professionals. Know more about the prize.


Conference Chairs



Shuzhi Sam Ge

National University of Singapore

Singapore (Fellow, IFAC, IEEE, IET)

Mingcong Deng

Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology

Japan (Fellow, IEEE)

Program Chairs



Huosheng Hu

University of Essex

UK (Life Senior Member, IEEE)

Ramin Sedaghati

Concordia University


Jiahu Qin

University of Science and Technology of China

China (Senior Member, IEEE) 

Andrew Keong Ng

Singapore Institute of Technology


Antonio Moran

Pontifical Catholic University of Peru


Program Co-Chairs



Wen-Fang Xie

Concordia University

Canada (Senior Member, IEEE) 

Yang Shi

University of Victoria

Canada  (Fellow, IEEE)

Special Session Chairs



Yang Tang

East China University of Science and Technology

China (Senior Member, IEEE) 

Yulong Wang

Shanghai University

China (Member, IEEE)  

Hongpeng Wang

Nankai University

China (Member, IEEE)  

Shenquan Wang

Changchun University of Technology

China (Member, IEEE)  

Andrew Keong Ng

Singapore Institute of Technology


Sheng-Quan Li

Yangzhou University


He Chen

Hebei University of Technology

China (Member, IEEE)  

Award Chairs



Huiping Li

Northwestern Polytechnical University

China (Senior Member, IEEE) 

Chenguang Yang

South China University of Technology


Yanzheng Zhu

Shandong University of Science and Technology

China (Senior Member, IEEE) 

Women in Engineering (WIE) Chair


Yan-Wu Wang

Huazhong University of Science and Technology

China (Senior Member, IEEE) 

Publication Chairs



Luo Xie

Beihang University


Eunice Wee

Singapore Institute of Electronics


Publicity Chairs



Oleg Yakimenko

Naval Postgraduate School


Emese Gincsainé Szádeczky-Kardoss

Budapest University of Technology and Economics


Regional Chairs



Ruwan Gopura

University of Moratuwa

Sri Lanka (Member, IEEE)  

Degang Xu

Central South University

China (Associate Member, IEEE)

Juan M. Chau

Pontifical Catholic University of Peru





Yu Zhou

Science Centre Singapore


Call for paper

Important date

Draft paper submission deadline

The conference organizing committee invites researchers worldwide to submit papers and share the valuable experiences with the scientists from the world. Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

Submission Topics

Intelligent Robot Technology

  • Humanoid Robots
  • Multi-Robot Systems
  • Micro Robots and Manipulation
  • Search and Rescue Robotics
  • Robot Sensing and Data Fusion
  • Medical and Bio-Robotics
  • Collective and Social Robots
  • Space and Underwater Robotics
  • Cognitive Robotics
  • Robot Design and Control
  • Human-Robot Interaction
  • Network Robotics
  • Mobile Autonomous Robots
  • Robot Kinematics and Control
  • AI in Robotics
  • Distributed and Cloud Robotics
  • Bio-Inspired Robots
  • Service Robots
  • Soft and Liquid Metal Robots
  • Robot Perception and Vision
  • Multi-Finger Manipulators
  • Human-Robot-Environment Interaction
  • Coexisting and Cooperative Robots
  • Swarm Robots
  • Collaborative Robots
  • Offshore Robotics

Control Science and Engineering

  • Adaptive Control
  • Control System Modeling
  • Soft Computing and Their Applications
  • Process Control
  • Complex Systems
  • Nonlinear Systems
  • Intelligent Systems
  • Networked Control Systems
  • Precision Motion Control
  • Control Applications
  • Fuzzy Control
  • Machine Learning in Control Applications
  • Distributed Control Systems
  • Evolutionary Computation and Control
  • Neural Networks Based Control Systems
  • Intelligent Fault Detection and Diagnosis
  • Discrete Event Systems
  • Hybrid Systems
  • Data/Event Driven Modeling and Control
  • Control of Biological Systems
  • Cooperative Control
  • Multi-Agent Systems
  • Optimal Control
  • Fault Diagnosis and Fault-Tolerant Control
  • Power System Control

Intelligent Autonomous System and Automation

  • Digital twins
  • Industrial automation
  • Man-machine interactions
  • Process automation
  • Manufacturing process and automation
  • Intelligent automation
  • Factory modeling and simulation
  • Home, laboratory and service automation
  • Network-based systems
  • Planning, scheduling and coordination
  • Nano-scale automation and assembly
  • Instrumentation systems
  • Biomedical instrumentation and applications
  • Building energy efficiency
  • Intelligent transportation systems
  • Perception systems
  • Intelligent autonomous systems

Signal Processing in the Engineering Control System

  • Data management and sensor fusion
  • Adaptive signal processing and control
  • Environmental monitoring and control
  • Optimization problems in signal processing
  • Signal reconstruction
  • Computer and microprocessor-based control
  • Real-time systems control
  • Information-based models for control
  • Nonlinear signals and systems
  • System identification
  • Time-frequency analysis
  • Mechanical, force and tactile sensors
  • Biological inspired sensors
  • Sensors fusion
  • Intelligent components for control
  • Modelling, analysis and control of discrete-event systems
  • Modelling, analysis and control of hybrid dynamical systems
  • Industrial automation and robotics
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Important Date
  • Conference Date

    Apr 27



    Apr 29


  • Jan 20 2021

    Draft paper submission deadline

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