Conference for researchers and experts, this workshop has been providing good opportunities to exchange scientific and technological knowledge as following areas. Flat Panel Display: LCD, OLED, e-paper, flexible display, 3D & virtual reality display, automotive display, driving & circuit, manufacturing, TFT: oxide TFTs, organic TFTs, amorphous, and polycrystalline Si-based TFTs, device & circuit simulation, reliability, Photovoltaics: thin-film solar cells (perovskite, Si-based, compound, and organic), heterojunction, passivation, transparent electrode, and light management (quantum dots, inter-band, plasmon etc.), reliability, recycle, Thin-Film Materials and Devices: thin-film materials and processing, wearable sensors, thin-film emerging devices (imaging devices, sensors, neuromorphic devices etc.), characterizations, substrate materials and passivation, apparatus.

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  • Mar 22 2024

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