IWSSIP was founded by Professor Kalman Fazekas from the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Budapest, Hungary, who initiated it in June 1994 as a scientific event meant to stir the research in theory, methodology, systems and applications of signal and image processing, and to attract and stimulate young researchers. After the successful IWSSIP Workshops and Conference events previously held in Ohrid, Sofia, Bratislava, Rio de Janeiro, Osijek, Budapest, Manchester, Poznan, Zagreb, Maribor, Bucharest, Prague, Chalkida, Sarajevo, Vienna, Dubrovnik, and London, the 31st International Conference on Systems, Signals and Image Processing (IWSSIP) will be held in Graz, Austria, on July 9th – 11th, 2024. Through its technical program, the IWSSIP 2024 conference will provide again an opportunity for the academic and industrial communities to address new research challenges, share solutions and discuss issues in information and communication technology (ICT) referring to modern telecommunications.

Graz is the capital city of Styria in the southeast corner of Austria. It is located in between rolling hills, to the north, east and west, only open to the south. The Old Town in Graz is one of the best preserved city districts in Central Europe and listed in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Graz’s architecture is dominated largely by the struggle of the Reformists and the Habsburgs’ Counter Reformation. A significant landmark of the city is the romantic Uhrturm (Clock Tower), situated on top of the Schlossberg mountain, with a clock still using its original mechanism from 1712. Today Graz is the second largest city in Austria and home to around 280.000 people. It offers a great deal of cultural events, like the Styriade, an annual exhibition, dedicated to contemporary art, theatre and performing arts. 


General Chairs
Erich Leitgeb, Graz University of Technology, Austria
Wilfried Gappmair, Graz University of Technology, Austria
Markus Rupp, IWSSIP Steering Committee (Austria)

Program Chairs

Franz Teschl, Graz University of Technology, Austria
Gregor Rozinaj, IWSSIP Steering Committee (Slovakia)
Venceslav Kafedziski, IWSSIP Steering Committee (North Macedonia)

IEEE Liaison
Wolfgang Bösch,  Graz University of Technology, Austria

Organizing Committee Chairs
Reinhard Teschl, Graz University of Technology, Austria
Alice Reinbacher-Köstinger, Graz University of Technology, Austria
Hristo Ivanov, Graz Univ. of Techn., Austria
Pasha Bekhrad, Graz Univ. of Techn., Austria

Publication Chairs
Franz Teschl, Graz University of Technology, Austria
Thomas Bauernfeind, Graz Univ. of Techn., Austria

Publicity/Web Chair
Gert Freiberger / Helmut Schreiber, Graz Univ. of Techn.
Mislav Grgić, Steering Committee (Croatia)

International Networking Chairs
Aura Conci, Steering Committee (Brazil)
Dušan Gleich, Steering Committee (Slovenia)
Panos Liatsis, Steering Committee (United Arab Emirates)
Galia Marinova, Technical University of Sofia, Bulgaria
Peter Planinšič, University of Maribor, Slovenia

Technical Program Committee
Narcis Behlilovic (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Aura Conci (Brazil)
Jan Cornelis (Belgium)
Žarko Čučej (Slovenia)
Marek Domański (Poland)
Touradj Ebrahimi (Switzerland)
Irena Galić (Croatia)
Dušan Gleich (Slovenia)
Tomasz Grajek (Poland)
Mislav Grgić (Croatia)
Sonja Grgić (Croatia)
Yo-Sung Ho (Korea)
Ebroul Izquierdo (United Kingdom)
Venceslav Kafedziski (North Macedonia)
Dimitrios Karras (Greece)
Aggelos Katsaggelos (USA)
Erich Leitgeb (Austria)
Fabiana Leta (Brazil)
Panos Liatsis (United Arab Emirates)
Ratislav Lukac (Canada)
Galia Marinova (Bulgaria)
Marta Mrak (United Kingdom)
Peter Planinšič (Slovenia)
Pavol Podhradsky (Slovakia)
Snježana Rimac-Drlje (Croatia)
Gregor Rozinaj (Slovakia)
Markus Rupp (Austria)
Ángel Sánchez Calle (Spain)
Martin Slanina (Czechia)
Ryszard Stasiński (Poland)
Boris Šimak (Czechia)
Dimitar Tashkovski (North Macedonia)
Rodica Tuduce (Romania)
Ján Turán (Slovakia)
Radoslav Vargic (Slovakia)
Stamatis Voliotis (Greece)
Krzysztof Wajda (Poland)
Theodore Zahariadis (Greece)

Call for paper

Important date

Draft paper submission deadline

We are soliciting contributed technical papers, special session proposals, and workshops proposals referring to the following topics of interest, but not limited to these fields and contents:

Signal Processing: Signal estimation and detection; Signal enhancement; Feature extraction; Filtering; Transformations;Sensor Array and Multichannel Signal Processing; Remote Sensing; Radar Signal and Data Processing; Machine Learning for Signal Processing; Biomedical Signal Processing
Image and Video Processing: Coding; Enhancement; Scene analysis; Object localization & recognition; Texture detection & extraction; Medical and Biological image processing; Computer Vision; Deep Learning for Images and Video; Multi-spectral and Hyper-spectral Imaging; Stereoscopic, Multi-view and 3D Processing
Speech and Audio Processing: Coding; Enhancement; Speech recognition; Speaker identification and verification;Speech synthesis; Audio and Acoustic Signal Processing
Multimedia: Multimedia content processing and content description; Multimedia signal processing; Multimedia communications, networking, services and applications; 3D multimedia, AR/VR and immersive media; Multimedia databases and mining; Multimedia quality assessment and metrics; Multimedia security, privacy and forensics; Multimedia standards,
trends and related research
Human Machine Interface: Speech processing for HMI; 2D and 3D Face recognition; Gesture navigation; Brain control interface
Machine Learning: General Machine Learning; Deep Learning; Learning Theory; Optimization; Probabilistic Inference Security: Watermarking and encryption; Information and network security; Security protocols and services
Networks: Multicast & broadcast for IPTV, DVB and IPTV technologies; IMS based NGN architecture, services and protocols; Content delivery networks; SDN/NFV; Resource Management; Network Slicing; Routing and Congestion Control; Multiple Access and Contention; Spectrum Sensing, Access, and Sharing; Energy-Efficient and Green Networking
Wireless Communications: MIMO, multi-antenna systems and RIS; Cooperative transmission and reception; Next generation mobile networks; IoT and Wireless sensor network systems; Cognitive radio; Millimeter Waves and THz; Integrated Communications and Sensing; Aerial and Satellite Communications; Vehicular Communication and Intelligent Transportation; Quantum Communications and Computing; Machine Learning for Communications
Modern ICT in e-learning: Online and virtual labs; Effective teaching and learning; Immersive technologies and online applications for effective learning


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  • Mar 18 2024

    Draft paper submission deadline

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