Increasing power consumption, CO₂ reduction, growing urbanization and mobility combined with progressing automation and digitalization – all of these future megatrends are impossible without efficient production technologies and systems. The electrification of powertrains in all kinds of mobility is considered crucial, as the whole mobility sector is facing difficulties resulting from the substitution of conventional propulsion technologies. Besides advancing ideas on the design of new propulsion technologies, the organization of the manufacturing processes and systems is of utmost importance.
The CIRP sponsored Conference on Production Technologies and Systems for E-Mobility offers an outstanding platform for the exchange of experiences from developers, researchers and potential users.
The focus of the conference is set on the presentation of highly innovative products from various industries as well as manufacturing processes and strategies. Additionally there will be an accompanying industrial exhibition poster presentation and an associated program.

Futher information can be found in the Call for PapersTo register or submit a scientific or industrial contribution, please fill out the appropriate forms at the bottom of the page. In case you or your company is interested in supporting the conference via a small sponsorship please reach out to us. Additional information can be found in the Call for Supporters. For detailed information on both conference days take a look at our Preliminary Program Brochure.

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Power Electronics Production

  • Automated processes and machinery for the manufacturing of power electronics
  • New joining technologies, e.g. silver sintering, diffusion soldering, transient liquid phase soldering (TLPS), thick wire bonding
  • New material systems, e.g. Cu instead of Al
  • New durability tests, e.g. active power cycling, H3TRB, HTGB / HTGSP
  • Application of mechatronic integrated devices (MID)

Electric Drives Production

  • Automated processes and machinery for the manufacturing of electric drives
  • Alternative motor technologies for EVs, e.g. reluctance motor, PM synchrony
  • Higher system integration, e.g. integrated power electronics, integrated cooling system
  • Alternative winding technologies, e.g. (Continuous-) Hairpin instead of round enameled wire, basket insertion instead of pull-in insertion
  • New joining technologies, e.g. ultrasonic or induction supported instead of hot crimping or laser welding instead of crimping

Production Technologies for Power Supply
& Transfer

  • Automated processes and machinery for the manufacturing of stationary charging systems
  • Technological developments in automated processes for manufacturing of inductive charging systems or dynamic charging systems
  • Automated processes and machinery for the manufacturing of fuel cells and hydrogen storage systems
  • Highly specialized cutting and joining operations for cell production
  • Handling systems for stack components with highest precision and dynamics
  • High quality forming and joining technologies for production of hydrogen storage systems

Lifecycle Assessment

  • Lifecycle Assessment
  • Lifecycle Assessment in production environments and link to absolute sustainability
  • Influencing factors on energy consumption of electric vehicles in all phases of the product lifecycle
  • Optimization potentials in manufacturing processes
  • Integrating the carbon footprint into economic evaluations

Battery Production

  • Automated processes and machinery for the manufacturing of Li-ion batteries and post-lithium material systems
  • New electrolyte systems, e.g. solid instead of liquid
  • New electrode materials, e.g. Si-based instead of Li-or C-based
  • Integration instead of modularization techniques
  • Design for remanufacturing and recycling

Production Systems

  • Systems and machinery for the manufacturing of electrified aviation
  • Systems and machines for the manufacturing of ground-based E-Mobility
  • Systems and machines for the manufacturing of electrified nautical mobility
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  • Oct 13 2023

    Draft paper submission deadline

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