The future of IoT is envisioned to have trillion-node scale deployment in every corner of the earth, ultimately realizing the smart dust goal. This requires miniaturization of the IoT devices down to the chip scale. Such IoT devices eliminate all traditional off-chip components required on PCB, e.g., crystal oscillators, to achieve ultra-low power performance in an ultra-miniaturized form factor. Beside the ASIC devices, system-based research is an important sector to realize this vision as well. Research ideas with new system designs or innovations using specific electronics will accelerate its adoption in real-world applications.

The CrystalFreeIoT workshop is one of the outcomes of the “Workshop on Crystal-Free Radios, Chip-Scale Wireless Systems and Swarms” held in 2023 in Paris, France. Tons of ideas have been discussed during that workshop. The goal of this workshop is to have a collection of state-of-art research work around crystal-free/-less radio and system-level research for IoT applications.

CrystalFreeIoT workshop is a full-day event, co-located at CPS-IoT Week 2024 in Hong Kong, on May 14 2024. It will start with a brief introduction about the aims of the workshop, followed by a keynote on the topic of Crystal-Free/-Less Radio and IoT system. The remaining morning and afternoon sessions will consist of paper presentations. A poster/demo session will be arranged around dinner time with light food provided.

We are very much looking forward to welcoming you!

Call for paper

The Workshop on Crystal-Free/-Less Radio and System-based Research for IoT

Co-located with CPS-IoT Week 2024 — May 14, 2024


Eliminating all on-board components of an IoT device by using crystal-free/-less chip-scale wireless system innovation is the future trend or the trillion-node deployment vision. Recent work in this field has drawn significant attention in both industry and academia and is poised to usher in a new era of IoT research and development. The key drivers of these developing trends are a focus on system-based research with IoT devices and research platforms, innovation in circuit design, and improvements in system integration. In addition to the design and research on the systems themselves, their practical application to multiple disciplines will play an essential role in the adoption of these technologies in a tremendous number of IoT-based industries.

The CrystalFreeIoT workshop will bring together researchers and technical experts to share experience and the state-of-the-art research work under crystal-free/-less radio or system integration and thinking in multiple IoT related topics.

We solicit paper proposals with systematic design from topics including, but not limited to:

  • System-level Design for IoT (including low-power wireless networking, VLSI, standards-compliant protocols, new radio designs, data fusion for multiple-sensor systems)
  • Crystal-Free Radio Design and Calibration Techniques
  • Wireless Indoor Localization
  • Cross IoT-Protocols support
  • Swarm Robotics and Behaviors Analysis
  • Miniaturization of IoT devices
  • Synchronization in Wireless System
  • Cryptography for IoT devices (PUF, digital fingerprint, etc.)
  • Integrated Backscatter Device

We also welcome Poster/Demo proposals. Posters can cover accepted papers, current research, new problem discussions, or recent results. Demos offer an interactive look at tools and techniques. Acceptance hinges on their novelty and relevance to the workshop. Please ensure demo proposals also include:

  • Equipment to be used for the demo.
  • Additional facilities needed including estimated power connections needed for the demo, special environments and tools, Internet access, physical space requirements, etc.
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