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Surface engineering is a multi-disciplinary field that involves a wide range of sciences and technologies. Unique surface properties including surface functionalization, surface strengthening, surface protection and surface decoration have been created by more green and high efficient surface engineering technologies. New and improved processes and coating materials are being researched and developed worldwide, which will contribute significantly to both economic development and global environmental sustainability. Chinese Surface Engineering Institution is a sub-branch of the Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society (CMES), which is a well-established academic association. It has organized consecutively 14 times National Surface Engineering Conferences and 8 times the International Conferences on Surface Engineering (ICSE). These conferences had been very well attended by both domestic and overseas researchers and corporations. The 9th International Conferences on Surface Engineering (ICSE 2024) will be held in the beautiful city of Dalian, in the Northeast part of China.


Dalian City is located at the southernmost point of Northeast China, surrounded by the sea on three sides. It is bordered by the Yellow Sea to the east, the Bohai Sea to the west, and faces the Shandong Peninsula across the sea to the south. It is adjacent to the Northeast Plain to the north and is located in the warm temperate zone of the northern hemisphere. It belongs to a temperate monsoon climate with oceanic characteristics. The total area is 12574 square kilometers and the total population is 6.087 million. Dalian is an important port, industrial, trade, financial, and tourism city in China. It is an international shipping center, logistics center, trade center, and regional financial center in Northeast Asia, and a window for Northeast China to open up to the outside world.

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1.Surface Micro-Nano fabrication and Additive Manufacturing

Laser materials processing, micro-nano fabrication processes and equipment, laser cladding, precision and ultra-precision machining, 3D additive manufacturing

2.Thin Film Technologies and Applications

Vacuum deposition, vapour deposition, electro-spinning, self-assembly, plasma assisted surface treatment, and various thin film technologies, and their industrial applications

3.Nano-materials and Nano-coatings

Nanomaterials chemical synthesis, sol-gel coating technologies, nano-functional coating materials, metal an non-metal nano-composites, surface nano-structures, test and characterization of surfaces & coatings, design and simulation of nanostructures

4.Other Surface Coating Technologies

Solid based materials, hot/cold spray coatings, latest equipment and technology of hot/cold spraying, materials preparation and processing for hot/cold spraying, surface modifications, surface decorative coatings, bio-coatings

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    Jun 29



    Jul 02


  • May 15 2024

    Draft paper submission deadline

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