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Now that we know the sequences of many genomes, from a wide variety of organisms and even from individuals with unique characteristics, many researchers have turned to making intentional modifications of those genomes. Purposes of those modifications include: introducing mutations to evaluate gene function, production of models for human genetic disease, gene correction, radical redesign of genome structure, and the generation of novel cellular networks and pathways. With this conference, we propose to bring together scientists who are: 1) developing tools for precision genome engineering; 2) using those tools for specific purposes in a wide range of organisms, including humans; 3) creating whole synthetic genomes with prospects for wholesale reengineering; 4) engineering cells with novel pathways and properties. Exchange of cutting-edge information regarding approaches, accomplishments and ambitions will augment the capabilities of each group. The meeting will provide an outstanding forum for students, postdoctoral fellows, and senior investigators who envision careers in genome and pathway design.
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