In 2013, IPDPS will be held along the banks of the Charles River at the Hyatt Regency Cambridge with great views of the Boston skyline. The Boston-Cambridge venue offers an exciting multicultural setting where visitors from around the world mingle in the midst of the world's premier educational institutions. The Greater Boston Metropolitan Area with many historic and tourist attractions is easily navigable by foot and public transit. Return to these pages to see the full call for papers, and information on workshops, the PhD Forum, and other events as the full program develops.
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征集范围:   作者所投稿件必须是在并行分布式处理领域内未正式发表的、原创研究成果,包括阶段性实验成果或商业系统。特别欢迎是面向新兴技术的论文投稿,征集范围包括如下(但不局限于此范围):    并行分布式算法,包括:稳定性;可扩展性;容错性算法和并行分布式系统的数据结构;通信与同步协议;网络算法;调度以及负载平衡。    并行分布式计算应用,包括:Web应用;点对点计算;并行众包;社交网络分析;大数据管理;云计算和网格计算;科学应用和移动计算。投稿着重于新颖商用或是研究架构,或是面向亿亿次级的可扩展应用。
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