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Coordinating Division Division VIII Galaxies & the Universe SOC Co-Chairs: Felix Aharonian (Germany), David Sanders (USA) SOC Members: Roger Blandford (USA), George Djorgovski (USA), Malcolm Longair (UK), Laura Maraschi (Italy), Enrico Massaro (Italy), Felix Mirabel (France), Ray Norris (Australia), Paolo Padovani (Germany), Bradley Peterson (USA), Elaine Sadler (Australia), Hélène Sol (France), Tadayuki Takahashi (Japan), Yervant Terzian (USA), Megan Urry (USA), Lutz Wisotzki (Germany) Editors of Proceedings: Areg Mickaelian (Armenia), Felix Aharonian (Germany), David Sanders (USA)

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Topics: Historical surveys: spectral and colorimetric surveys for AGN, surveys for UV-excess galaxies; AGN from IR/submm surveys: 2MASS, IRAS, ISO, AKARI, SCUBA, SST, WISE, Herschel; AGN from radio/mm surveys: NVSS, FIRST, ALMA, Planck, and others; AGN f

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