1 会议征稿 本次会议是两年一次的系列会议,会议目标是为在设计中的人工智能、认知科学和计算理论领域的设计研究前沿提供发表和交流讨论的国际平台。会议论文集将形成设计计算和认知研究领域的序列文献。会议前组织系列有关设计计算和设计认知方面的专题workshops,时间为半天。 2 参会方式 递交论文全文:有关设计计算和设计认知的已经完成的研究的论文 递交张贴海报:有关正在进行的研究的论文,并安排口头报告。 论文由国际评审团评审,论文发表并出版成书。递交的海报也将安排口头报告 补充信息 “第三界设计计算和认知国际会议”将于2008年6月23-25日在美国乔治亚理工大学召开,会议主席为John Gero教授,会议会场和住宿均在乔治亚理工大学校内。会议于6月21-22日举办一系列workshop和Doctoral Consortium,见下文以及会议网页。会议workshop及Doctoral Consortium征文及相关信息见会议网页。会议现在已经开始注册。 会议议程简介:1个主题报告(报告人,Mary Lou Maher,悉尼大学教授,现任美国Program Director, Creative IT, US National Science Foundation),11个专题报告,7个workshop(各半天),Doctoral Consortium(4个半天的workshop), 见下文以及会议网页。 THIRD INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON DESIGN COMPUTING AND COGNITION - DCC08 Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, USA 23-25 June 2008 This biennial conference series provides an international forum for the presentation and discussion of state-of-the-art and cutting-edge design research with a focus on artificial intelligence, cognitive science and computational theories in design. PAPERS Papers, 60 authors from 12 countries, will be presented in the following sessions, which include two poster sessions: Session 1: Shape Grammars Session 2: Design Cognition 1 Session 3: Knowledge-Based Design Session 4: Sketching, Diagrams and Visualization Session 5: Design Creativity Session 6: Poster Session 1 Session 7: Design Cognition 2 Session 8: Design Support Session 9: Spatial Configuration Session 10: Poster Session 2 Session 11: The Virtual and the Physical WORKSHOPS The conference is preceded by a series of half-day workshops on specialist topics in design computing and cognition. Workshop 1: Generative Urban Design Workshop 2: Design Thinking Workshop 3: Informing Computational Support for Conceptual Design: Lessons Learned from Sketching Studies Workshop 4: Design Creativity Workshop 5: Form-Making versus Form-Finding: Distributed Cognition and the Affordances of Design Media Workshop 6: High Tech/High Touch: Digital and Analog Design Tools Workshop 7: IT in Design Doctoral Consortium (4 half-day workshop sessions) KEYNOTE SPEAKER Mary Lou Maher Program Director, Creative IT, US National Science Foundation Full details and registration are available at:

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Draft paper submission deadline:2008-01-18

Abstract submission deadline:2007-12-14

Final paper submission deadline:2008-03-21

Topics of submission

Agents in design Artificial intelligence in design Biologically-inspired design Collaborative design Cognitive theories applied to design Computational theories applied to design Creative design Design in practice Digital media in design Evolutio


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