Our ability to deliver timely, effective and cost efficient healthcare services remains one of the world's foremost challenges. The challenge has numerous dimensions including: (a) the need to develop a highly functional yet secure electronic health record system that integrates a multitude of incompatible existing systems, (b) in-home patient support systems to reduce demand on professional health-care facilities, and (c) innovative technical devices such as advanced pacemakers that support other healthcare procedures. Responding to this challenge will necessitate increased development and usage of software-intensive systems in all aspects of healthcare services. However the increased digitization of healthcare has identified extensive requirements related to the development, use, evolution, and integration of health software in areas such as the volume and dependability of software required, and the safety and security of the associated devices. The goal of the fifth workshop on Software Engineering for Health Care (SEHC) is to discuss recent research innovations and to continue developing an interdisciplinary community to develop a research, educational and industrial agenda for supporting software engineering in the health care sector.

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