Software Product Line Engineering (SPLE) takes advantage of commonalities and variabilities among a family of similar software products to achieve efficiency in product production. By adopting SPLE, organizations are able to achieve significant improvement in time-to-market and quality, reduce engineering and maintenance costs, portfolio size, and more. However, despite the proven benefits of SPLE over traditional reuse approaches, SPLE is still in the early adopter stage. To promote SPLE adoption in practice, PLEASE aims to identify industrial problems in the area of SPLE and establish ongoing interactions among software engineering practitioners and researchers from industry and academia. PLEASE is an interactive workshop that aims to couple problems in the area of SPLE with concrete solutions developed by the SPLE community. We invite short position papers that do one of the following: Illustrate a concrete real-life problem that impedes SPLE adoption or that emerged after (a partial) SPLE adoption. Provide and exemplify a practical solution that enables successful application of SPLE practices. Report on the progress of existing collaborations.

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Topics of interest include, but not limited to: Transforming software families into product lines; migration strategies towards product lines; extracting product line representations from legacy software artifacts. Sustainable long-term approaches for pr


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